Why You Need an Attorney in Probation Violation Cases



Probation is a form of sentencing which is assigned to an individual when they are found guilty of committing a crime. A person can be put on it due to their engagement in any activity which is termed as ‘unlawful’ by the legal system in the United States. Generally, it is the court system that puts an individual on probation.

Given that probation is a different kind of detention compared to imprisonment, some people do not take it seriously. However, the failure to honour Cobb County probation violation or that of any other jurisdiction in the United States can land one into legal troubles. Apart from imprisonment, one may be even fined if they are found guilty of it.

An individual is recommended to look for legal assistance as soon as he/she get a hint of a probation violation being filed on their name. An attorney with experience of dealing with cases relating to probation violation can help can them sail through the legal hassles.

What can happen to an individual who fails to honour the rules of the court’s probation sentence?

As a standard rule, an individual on probation is required to report a probation officer at the earliest. Following it, they need to enroll their name in school wherein they will be required to maintain their enrolment. Plus, they also need to pay any fees or fines that are deemed fit on them. The primary objective behind the whole process is to reform individuals and deter them from committing crimes in the future.

Besides, one may also be required to fulfil various other requirements. These include the following:

  • Attending classes that are meant for the treatment of substance abuse
  • Placing an ignition interlock device or cancelling one’s driver’s license or both
  • Following the rules of a no-contact order
  • Paying restitution fees
  • Taking a class for managing anger

Some people avoid reporting a probation officer due to avoid the adherence to so many rules. They generally choose the option of going to jail than reporting a probation officer. This does not solve the problem, though. The flip side of it is that it multiplies or aggravates problems for them. 

Overlooking probation can prove to be a Pandora’s box for an individual at the subsequent stages. The rationale behind it is to secure or uphold public safety. The violation of probation rules may necessitate an individual to appear in the court. If they fail to present their case with a valid reason, they may be even sent to jail on the grounds of violating probation rules.

Are the services of a probation violation lawyer necessary during a hearing for probation violation?

Most individuals choose to overlook probation under the impression that they are safe from an arrest. While one may not necessarily end up in jail directly due to the violation of probation, a court’s intervention can change things quickly on the contrary.

Probation officers have the option of sending a notice to the court citing probation violation if an individual who is put on it fails to report them. Soon thereafter, the court sends a notice asking them to appear before a judge for a hearing. At this stage, one needs the legal counsel and representation of probation violation attorney in Cobb County and other jurisdictions in the US.

At the outset, one may wonder what is the need to approach a lawyer for probation violation. But as is the case with legal issues in general, not paying attention to court orders or lack of prompt action on matters related to the legal system can invite legal troubles. 

When it comes to legal trials, a court always goes by justifiable and credible evidence. The same applies to a case of probation violation. One who is accused of it gets to appoint an attorney to defend their case during the hearing. Based on the severity of the crime committed by an individual, one out of the following possibilities may happen:

  • The court may allow an individual to continue on probation with a warning if the violation is a minor by nature.
  • The court may approve of the continuation of probation with minor changes such as the inclusion of substance abuse treatment if an individual is not charged with a major violation.
  • In case of a serious violation, the court may revoke the probation and sentence an individual to partial or total imprisonment in place of their suspended sentence.

Out of the three choices, one may want to avoid the third one in all fairness because it may have serious implications for their personal as well as social life. In connection with Cobb County probation violation or similar violation in the other region of the United States, one can avoid them by approaching a lawyer. This needs to be done on time.

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