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What is fmwhatsapp and how to install and download it on android smart phone

What is FmWhatsapp? And how to install.
Hi all my friends, welcome, today I will tell you what is Fmwhatsapp and how to install it on android smartphone if you want to know then read this article and share this article with your friends also. 

What is FMWhatsapp?

FM WHATSAPP is a WhatsApp format that is quite popular and even more advanced than WhatsApp. Then you will see many new features that you will not see on WhatsApp, so some people use them instead of WhatsApp.

FMWhatsApp does not create WhatsApp, but does not create WhatsApp. This app was created by Fouad Mokdad

In this app, you can use one device with multiple Whatsapps at a time. In this app you have even more advanced WhatsApp features that you don’t provide WhatsApp.

FMWhatsApp features: –
It can hide the situation.

Hide Blue Tick Mark_ Massage can be invisible.

Hiding the second checkpoint cannot be shown to the recipient of the message.

The ticker entry (type ..) can be hidden.

It also has anti-revoc.

You get your own privacy for different contacts.

You select the built-in DND.

You can delete multiple messages at once.

You can set the timer to send the message, it will send the message at the same time.

You can adjust your position according to your recommendations.

You got a lot of new emojis.

You can add more people to the stream at once.

You can submit multiple images at once, without restrictions.

There are many different languages.

There is a built-in app blocking option.

Bubble pattern options

How to download FMWhatsApp 2019

To download FMWhatsApp, you need to search Google on your mobile phone. Because it is not on PlayStore and is a third-party application, you should download it from other sites, provided there is a risk of shark risk.
Launch 2 Whatsapp on your mobile phone

FMwhatsapp can be downloaded by clicking on the WhatsApp link.

direct connection

Is the FMWhatsApp Safe or not?

The question arises as to whether FMwhatsapp is safe or not. What is being used so far is nothing to say that they have no problem with FMWhatsApp, but we can’t say anything.

If there are any points that you can consider and if you want to use your exams.

A: If your goal is to run two WhatsApp on one mobile phone, you can read my next post.

Not available on PlayStore.

If you download it to Parle Play, you won’t find this app, so the question comes to mind because it’s not in the App Store.

Casual (WhatsApp)

This application is not released by WhatsApp, it was developed by some developers, so confidence is further reduced. And Whatsapp also bears no responsibility for this

Gain mode

WhatsApp has its own servers, so it encrypts the message to keep you looking at the end. Only the person you injured reads this message.

This app will only give you advanced options if it clones the WhatsApp server. This means you should save the message and read it here.
What is the risk for your ability?

Third party request

This app is not a duplicate of the Play store, so now you need to find and download it to Google Se. Many people launch fake versions that you download only if you look at the name.

Because your device is sensitive to viruses and your device can also be damaged.

One more thing, if people don’t release the cow virus from the toy store, then this third-party cow is considered a downloadable version of Crazy Line.


WhatsApp gets in this situation as a WhatsApp provider, how FMWhatsapp Kar Pata wins and why he would release my product after many problems.


This app has not been certified by WhatsApp and how do you believe it?

You decide and see if FMWhatsApp is safe.

And speaking of trust, the Play Store is a very large and rich app that you should use until you find a problem. Because it can’t be there

If possible, download all these third-party applications

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