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What is a smoothie, how it functions and what are the different types of smoothies?

Recently, healthier-looking especially the green smoothies started flashing up everywhere followed by a green juice craze. Everyone wondered if they were the same thing? But wait let me clarify that there is a big difference between these two as smoothies and juices, and that concerns us. This has a huge impact on how we digest the two.

Let’s check this out what are the two made up of?

What is a smoothie?

Let’s get familiar with the word “smoothie”. “Smoothie” is a type of pureed drink of different combinations of fruits and vegetables just blended with water or any dairy product (i.e. yogurt or milk or non-dairy milk). The variants to make the smoothies fancier we have low fat or cheese added along with sweeteners like sugars, syrups, and honey. In some other smoothies, you can also get herbal or nutritional enriches supplements. They are also known as health beverages.

The story behind the smoothies

The story originated for healthy smoothies is from an inventor called “Steve Kuhnau”. He was experimenting with his health and it worked for him. It enabled him to open a health food store named “Smoothie King”, where he was selling smoothie drinks of different recipes. Which people seemed to enjoy it and later it has grown to a chain of other stores. Steve Kuhnau branded the name smoothie hence referring to how fruit juices were made by the hippies.

The smoothies have been around more, the irony is that now with the excessive availability of food processors and blenders and mainly due to refrigerators smoothies are becoming more popular.

Difference between a juice and smoothie

Healthy smoothies are the best they boost the body by adding vitamins and antioxidants. If we place all the ingredients in a container and start processing them together. It doesn’t matter whether you use a full High-Powered Blender like a Vitamix, a Single-Serve Bender like the Bullet Mixes, or an Immersion Blender, the results remain same. You consume the entirety of the fruits and vegetables that go into the mix, including the fiber. This is how the best blend of healthy smoothies is made.

On the other hand, when a juicer filters out the fiber from the fruits and vegetables you are juicing, leaving you with the liquid juice and the pulp residue. Normally, the fiber pulp is discarded. Some smart juicer machine models readily allow you to set the amount of pulp (fiber residue) with that liquid ends up in your glass.

Fiber is necessary for the health

According to research, a healthy smoothie contains a lot of fiber. Fiber is essential, it helps slow down digestion, keeping you feeling much fuller for longer and helping to regulate blood sugar levels. It also is the food to microbes in your gut. Healthy smoothies improve the immune system and reduce the chances of getting sick.

There are two types of fiber, both of which are present in different types of fruits and vegetables. Insoluble fiber helps keep you regular, attracting water to the intestines and moving everything through your system. It is found in foods that have the watery content like cucumbers, celery, carrots, nuts, and seeds.

Soluble fiber has several health benefits, including helping to lower blood cholesterol, slowing the absorption of carbohydrates from foods, and feeding the beneficial bacteria in your gut. It is found in foods both vegetables and fruits such as oats, apples, berries, plums, pears, nuts, and seeds.

Thus, the consumption of a healthy smoothie is great. If you are not getting enough of fibers from a regular diet, you can simply toss everything in a blender and voila! You can have both types of fibers for your body’s required intake in a single-serve.

Types of smoothies

It’s in history of how these health smoothies. They have been there since the year 1900s and will continue being there as many variant recipes are introduced. The smoothies are dynamic; they are the healthy drinks that go with the flow. As new and new ways and methods are developing another new type of healthy smoothie emerges.

Many variants must be there as people keep on throwing with different mixes and matches. The following are the main type bases of smoothies:

  1.    Vegetable–Based Smoothies: Smoothies With kales, cauliflowers, cabbage, avocado, spinach, carrots, and broccoli. They are the healthy smoothies. They have great nutritional value. They are enriched with minerals and vitamins. They are also known as Green smoothies. Sometimes matcha is also added as the green component.
  1.    Energy-Boosting Smoothies:These smoothies contain various energy benefits in them. They have oatmeal that has carbohydrates that assist you in enhancing your energy levels. Many dried fruits and nuts are also added to these. Nuts are packed with energy. They are nutritious and healthy smoothies. They can be termed as granola smoothies.
  1.    Tropical Smoothies: Tropical fruits such as mangoes, grapefruits, pineapples, watermelons, melons and let’s not forget the coconuts are used for a delicious, tasty and healthy smoothie. These fruits are added with dairy or non-dairy milk and yogurt to create a creamy feel. Whereas, sometimes mere coconut water and designated coconut do a brilliant trick. These smoothies are very helpful in weight loss.
  1.    Protein-Packed Smoothie: These are normally low-fat drinks that help assist in weight maintenance. Low sugar fruits, milk, soy milk, soy powder, and vegetables are recommendable to provide sustainable energy. You can add several protein supplements and powders as well.
  1.    Fruit Smoothie: This is the most fun one. With a combination of all favorite fruits that you prefer are mixed with a combination of ice, dairy or non-dairy milk or yogurt.
  1.    Liquid-Based: Liquids like yogurt, milk, almond milk, coconut water, basic water in a smoothie good choice to enhance the taste and flavors.
  1.    Dessert smoothies: Fruits like added berries, bananas, pineapples and chocolates, peanut butter, Nutella and with a combination of different nuts and syrups even ice-cream and top it off with whipped cream. You can even have a dessert drink to enjoy in a gulp.

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