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UberXL : Uberxl Cars List | Difference Between Uberx vs UberXL

UberXL : Uberxl Cars List | Difference Between Uberx vs UberXL | UberXL Service Cars | UberXL Service Cars in Indian How much can cost you to use the UberXL – Short Description About this Topic

The New Enticing Service From Uber: UberXL services

Truth is told, Uber has been dominating the market of transportation in every corner around the world. Thanks to its quality of services, the company starts a new range of services to its large audience around the globe. Nowadays, you will be able to benefit from the new UberXL services. In the next lines, we are going to have a deep understanding on how you can request the service using their app and how you can optimize your budget if you want a ride with your family and friends.

What UberXL stands for?

In fact, UberXL will handle you the opportunity of transportation by a special SUV for your family and friends. If you are more than 7 persons then such service is your ultimate choice without any small doubt. Truth be told, you can grasp many advantages when you are a group. Especially if you have much luggage to handle with you, a normal service from Uber will not make it happen for sure. You will have skilled drivers for your ride and you will feel majestic in a very comfortable van from the company. People are showing a huge interest in the next service from Uber.

The Top Advantages of UberXL

  • A very comfortable SUV for your group
  • The same cost of a standard service from Uber
  • Skilled driver for your safety
  • More space for your luggage

Vehicle Requirements

  • Passenger Limit: Must fit at least 6 riders (including you)
  • Drivers must be at least 21 years old
  • Luxury UberSUV’s technically qualify as UberXL as well
  • Fully functional seat belts for both the driver and all passengers
  • Must be 2008* or newer (year requirements can vary by city) and in good condition


UberXL Service Cars in Worldwide (Example):


Here’s what kind of cars you may be picked up in when getting an UberXL:

  • Kia Sorrento
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Dodge Grand Caravan
  • Chevrolet Traverse
  • Dodge Durango
  • Ford Explorer
  • Chevrolet Traverse
  • Buick Enclave
  • Kia Sorento
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Toyota Highlander


UberXL Service Cars in India (Example):

uberXL includes cars such as Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Toyota Innova etc and will be able to seat a maximum of 6 people. The base fare starts at Rs 85 and users have to pay an additional Rs 12 per kilometer. The minimum fare is Rs 125 and there is a per minute charge of Rs 1.5 as well. Users can also make use of the fare split feature that allows you to travel more economically.


In the next lines, we are going to talk about how you can request the service from your home using their app or online website. In fact, Uber makes it easier like never before in order to keep their user experience over the top.

How you can use the UberXL service?

  • Asking for the service using the app

First of all, you have to enter the app, and then enter the destination or “where to go text area”. You will be asked to confirm, once done with it you have to check the address and the destination is surely correct in order to avoid any misunderstanding in real life. After that, you will be able to find the right your driver and vehicle in the map until he arrives in your specific location. You will have all the details of the car and the driver picture before you quit your UberXL request. Accordingly, you will be able to recognize the driver once he is there in forint of you without any small doubt.

  • Riding the ride to arrive

After requesting your ride, you have to check the details of the car and either you have the same driver in front of you and matching the one that you saw previously in the app.

  • Verify the matching of information between the app and the real-life

Actually, do not bother yourself to give the driver your details about the destination; he already knows everything including the direction. On the other hand, if you have a special route that you want him to follow, you can simply suggest it to him.

  • Hoping out from the car

After you arrive, you can simply leave the car since you will be charged directly from your chosen payment method, which you have set in the platform. Besides, it is highly recommended to rate the behavior and the quality of service of your driver in order to keep Uber as satisfying as possible for your next plans. Accordingly, the service will be developed each time you use the UberXL.


How much can cost you to use the UberXL service?

Let us talk a little bit about the costs. In fact, the price can be estimated from the app; however, it may vary a lit bit depending on many factors like traffic lights, traffic delay or any other sudden interruption in the road. However, the costs are the same as the standard services from Uber too.


What is the difference between UberXL and UberX?

Actually, the main difference between UberX and UberXL is the size of the vehicle. Depending on your need, you can choose the adequate type for your specific journey. As a matter of fact, the UberXL holds at least 7 passengers However UberX required at least 5 persons including the driver in both cases.

To conclude, we can say that both services are meant to make the riders journey easier for their transportation, it is just a matter of ride size. This is why, depending on your need, you may choose the adequate type of Uber service that fit your criteria.

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