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Types of visas to go to Malaysia

Everyone loves to travel and explore new places. But there are specific group of people known as tourists who really spend most of their time in travelling. They love travelling, and travelling has become their passion. These people always try to explore different places. At some point of time they may go to Europe, the various countries of Europe including Vatican City and in England and other countries. At other times they may go to African countries. They may even explore Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and China. All of these countries are really exciting and tourists always want to go there at least once. The job of tourists are actually this, and they want to explore as many countries as they can in their entire lifetime They love travelling and love exploring different places. Plus, they develop knowing about different cultures. 

This blog post basically outlines about one specific country like how can we go there. The name of that country is Malaysia which is really a very beautiful place to visit and has been on tourists list of countries to visit from many years. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur which itself is very pretty and has so many special places where a tourist can go.

 Indian tourists love going Malaysia and each year various Indians visit Malaysia. The process of being there has also become easy since Malaysian government announced the system of e visa for Malaysia. In today’s scenario one can easily apply for Malaysia visa online through their laptop or personal computer. They can go to a cyber cafe as well to get a visa. Earlier, it used to take a lot of time to get a visa but now the system has changed and you may get your visa within 10 days of applying. Visa is a very necessary thing and you can’t go to Malaysia without having a visa. If you are thinking that you will go to Malaysia and then you will ask the government to give you a visa this is literally not possible. You can only go to Malaysia if you have a visa with you. There may be some other countries which don’t need a visa to go to Malaysia but since you are an Indian tourist you definitely need a Malaysian visa.

 Malaysia doesn’t allow Indians to enter their country without a visa and a passport. There are basically two types of visa which you can choose to go to Malaysia. The first one is an eNTRI Visa and the other one is the electronic visa. eNTRI visa is actually good and can be divided into two categories that is the single entry eNTRI Visa and multiple entry visa. As their name suggests the single entry allows you to enter in Malaysia only for once, whereas the multiple entry lets you enter in Malaysia for more than 2 times. Visas for Malaysia also include the number of days there are basically two types of visas one is for 15 days and the other is for 30 days you can choose the type according to your need and convenience. You can apply Malaysia visa online whenever you want. 

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