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Try The Best Restaurants In Davis Square Somerville

Food is the most basic thing which makes this world function. Every living organism consumes different types of food. Humans are the only ones to consume a variety of foods and also can decide how much they want. The food varieties we consume have changed greatly over the ages. This is visible from the long list of menu cards one can find in the hotels and restaurants and the list is just a small part of the varieties of foods humans can cook.

Constantly changing restaurants and menu

In order to understand restaurants and menus in a detailed manner, a sample restaurant is to be looked at. Mikes Restaurant Menu is one such sample case, the restaurant located in 9, Davis Square, which is located in Somerville. The restaurant serves many varieties of cuisines like Italian, Chinese, American and even Indian. The specialty of the restaurant is the making of pizzas and pasta. They serve thirty-six different varieties of pizzas.

Why Mikes On Davis restaurant?

Mikes restaurant has been in business since the 1890s, they have a long lineage and their cooking styles are being taught in hotel management institutes. The food varieties are also available to order online and can be delivered over long distances, they use high-quality preservatives with industry grade processing techniques which makes these orders to be delivered over long distances.

Fresh food served fresh

The other area that Mikes restaurant specializes in the serving of freshly cooked foods. They have their own farm which is situated fifteen kilometers away from the restaurant from where they procure their fresh vegetables and fruits used in their daily cooking menu. This fresh cooking attracts customers who love fresh food and also with great taste. Speaking of taste mikes restaurant has been awarded the best innovating restaurant continuously for the past two years. The innovation done for the first award was the organizational management of customers and handling them without any delay.

Increasing awards and innovation

The second time the innovation award was for the launch of their own food delivery app with features like delivery tracking, speaking with chef while cooking and telling him changes in the food as per preferences, full cashback when delivered food is not hot enough. In recent times, Mikes restaurant is expanding its focus into the non-vegetarian segment. Since their signature style is cooking with fresh items, the same method going to be followed for the non-vegetarian segment too.

There are very few restaurants serving freshly cooked food these days. This is due to the unavailability of fresh meat. Meat producing and processing factories are often located in remote areas where quick transportation is difficult without undergoing processing. This challenge can be easily tackled if restaurants have their own poultry and meat farms. Mikes’ restaurant has solved this problem and not just usual customers but also the irregulars are waiting for the new menu. So, when anyone asks what are the best restaurants in Davis Square Somerville, you know where to point.

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