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Travelling with a baby? Get equipped with a round-up of the best travel cots!

For almost all parents, traveling with a child may seem tedious and often near impossible as most family homes, hotels and guests-houses are not satisfactorily prepared for the arrival of your little one. Furthermore, babies often become stressed in new places. When not surrounded by their familiar home environment, which they associate with the safe and warm presence of their parents, they find it a little difficult to fall asleep. The same discomfort may also occur during any family or relative visits. Many parents often decide to return home as their bundle of joy is too unsettled to sleep in a new place.


Don’t worry, you can stop going home early because our baby cot is here for you!

Scientific research proves that tots have minimal trouble falling asleep when they are put in their beds. When your little one is too young, you may experience some problems, especially when you don’t share a bed with your baby. Even if a crib or cot is made available at your travel destination, there is the possibility that your child will refuse to sleep on it, which is why a portable travel cot has become so favored because they can be taken anywhere with your baby.

Not every travel cot is ideal for your baby. For them to fall asleep peacefully and comfortably during a trip, a good product should be safe, stable and, once unfolded, must provide a comfortable place to sleep. All 4 Kids is the professional when it comes to indulging in the comfort of children and mums. We supply a wide range of portable cots so you can pick the most suitable one for your child and because we aim to provide the very best for your kids, we offer custom-made cots for supreme comfort.

Moreover, cot folding features should be simple in use or it will discourage you to take it with you. Also, consider the weight of the portable cot and materials used, as heavy and hard-surface models are simply inconvenient.

Along with taking care of the child’s comfort, we also offer products for their entertainment, such as play-houses, dolls, activity books and a lot more. One of our most popular entertainment products is our electric ride-on car, which is used and loved by kids across Australia.

Toy cars can be a major part of a child’s formative years. It helps nurture a strong personality as well as providing a medium to encourage their need for speed and adventure. In today’s era of battery and remote-controlled cars, it is no wonder that every kid wants to own one they can drive themselves.

Head over to All 4 Kids and find a wide range of toy cars, bikes and anything else you need to entertain and care for your child. With years of experience and expertise in delivering products catering to child safety and care, we are one of the most trusted and reliable product owners. Our products do not have sharp edges and are made from non-toxic materials to guarantee child health and comfort. Even if your little pumpkin has the craving to chew or put toys in their mouth, you won’t need to worry because our supreme-grade plastic materials are made to ensure no harm to your tot, including our toy cars, which are strong enough to withstand minor bumps.

Be sure of the safety of your child and provide years of entertainment and personal development with an amazing product from All 4 Kids, the most recommendable and trustworthy children toy and furniture provider in Australia.

Reach out to us at All 4 Kids today and give your child years of cherished childhood memories.

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