Top 6 Chocolate Facts and Myths for Chocoholic!



There are few things in this world that are very common object of liking among all. The best one among those is the chocolates. It is one such delicacy that is universally loveable by everyone. From the age of 8-80, anyone can rarely resist the urge or offer of having a chocolate. But, like any other thing in this world, chocolate has its own history too. The origin, the first taste and many more things are unique about the chocolate that every chocoholic must know. 

Here are the top 6 chocolate facts and myths that need to be known.

1)  What Is It?
The name chocolate comes from a tree which has a scientific name called Theobroma cacao, which means the ‘food of the Gods’. This tree produces an average of 2500 beans per year. ‘Cacao’ is how you spell ‘Cocoa’ in Spanish. It takes 400 of these beans to make one pound of chocolate. The smell of chocolate is good for the enhancement of theta waves in the brain cells that results into relaxation. Chocolate is a part of a very balanced healthy diet. Though chocolate has saturated fat, but scientific surveys have revealed that they won’t increase the cholesterol level in the body. Chocolate has the largest varieties in the world- over 600 types of chocolates are available. 

2) Who Depends On It?
It is the family of the producers, average eight people per family primarily who depends on the chocolates. The price of the cocoa beans are not at all stable, hence it has a higher chance of affecting the earnings of the farmers. In the ancient time, cocoa beans were so expensive that they were treated as currency in Meso-America.  An Indonesian cocoa farming community has built a giant statue of hands holding a cocoa pod. Cocoa pods were also fermented to make ancient people’s beverages. Around the world, 40-50 million people depend upon cocoa for their livelihood. Spanish royalty used to give cocoa cakes in their dowries. You can send chocolate gifts online for your beloved. 

3) Is Chocolate Really a Vegetable?
Well, one of the most interesting facts about chocolate is that its nature. Scientifically, as it is originated or extracted from the seed of a plant, it is nothing but a vegetable. So, the cocoa, the main component of the food is a vegetable. The seeds grow in a pod like fruit, and milk and dark chocolates are the extract of these seeds. SO, this is the most shocking fact of the chocolate is that it is a vegetable, though indirectly, but a kind of vegetable. 

4) Where Is It From?
Cocoa beans come from the West Africa. From the global scale consumption, 70% of the cocoa beans come from West Africa. There are small families who own their farms and raise cocoa with their own hand. The average size of the farms is 7-10 acres. The farms are not owned by the chocolate companies, but the families. Cocoa beans can be as old as 200 years, but the productivity of the plant is the first 25 years of its maturity. But a farmer has to wait for 4-5 years to get their first crop. To extract the chocolate from the cocoa, a conching machine is required which was invented by Rudolph Lindt. Cote d’lovoire is the single largest producer of chocolates around the world who produces around 40% of the world’s supply. Now, the producers earn 40-55% more from their crops. 

5) Savor and Origin of Chocolate Bar
We can never imagine a world without chocolate bars; the ones that we keep on munching on a regular basis. It was in 1872 in England, that Cadbury first gave the chocolate bar its new form.  It takes 2-4 days to make a single-serving chocolate. It contains two doses of cocoa butter- the natural amount of bean and an extra dollop for bumping creaminess. But one thing to keep in mind, chocolates is not for pets, they can make any animal fall ill. To savor, buy best birthday chocolate gift for your beloved. 

6) Is White Chocolate Really Chocolate?
The component or the composition of the white chocolate makes people think twice before considering it as a chocolate. White chocolates neither contain cocoa solids, nor contain cocoa liquor. However, it contains huge amount of cocoa butter. But the butter doesn’t add to the criteria of being a chocolate. SO, next time you choose to have chocolate, think before paying for the treat. As there are so many varieties of chocolates available, why would you waste your money on a pseudo chocolate!

None actually cares for these facts as long as they are mesmerized by this amazing taste in this world. So, every chocoholic must know all the above facts before calling themselves one.

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