Top 10 Apps You Need To Survive College



It is the time of year and you have finally received your acceptance letter from the college of choice. You have gotten your record of things-to-buy prepared and soon , you’ll be going towards your campus. But hold on — have you jotted down the 10 apps you’ll be needing to live college?

If you have not, don’t fret — we have got you covered. Here are the 10 apps you desperately want to survive college.

  • Mint

Okay so here’s what — you’ve spent a bucket load sum of money on your school fees. The last thing you want is to be spending away out of your money carelessly. Luckily, you have Mint.

Mint is a cash monitoring and managing program and is ideal for students who want to thoroughly invest their cash. College is tough because it is, however, gets tougher when you are struggling to make ends meet. We do not want that now, do we now?

This budgeting app will come in handy for students who want to keep a close watch on their finances — additionally, it will help students in discovering ways they can make budget cuts where possible.

How can Mint work though? The Mint program is directly linked to your bank account and consequently inputs every purchase that’s made. This is great as it saves you the hassle of always having to log in your purchases. Another fantastic aspect of this app is that it breaks down your trades into categories. This way, you know precisely how and where your funds are being spent.

  • LiveSafe

The number one priority for students at college should be their security. The amount of parties or going for adventures can ever exceed the need to always be protected. LiveSafe is a program that ensures pupils safety and prevents them from risks like sexual violence and attack.

This app motivates students to anonymously report any incident via audio, video, and pictures before they have occurred. LiveSafe also has a feature named SafeWalk — this app monitors your whereabouts via GPS and informs your loved ones and friends about where you are.

On LiveSafe, you can connect not only your family members and friends but also your neighborhood officials as well as the local police department to this program. It’s possible to notify them if you have the slightest feeling of risk and they will easily track you.

  • GroupMe

Rather than spending a indefinitely amount of time deciding where to meet up for a group discussion — everybody can save their money and time by talking their concerns through group chat.

So basically, GroupMe is a group conversation where you can discuss topics just like you would on a conversation forum. Assignment details, exam prep tips, test subjects, etc..

  • MyFitnessPal

Although we strongly support is focused on research, let’s not overlook that mental and physical health is just as important. One of the toughest challenges for pupils is to juggle both academic achievement and a perfectly toned body. Many times, pupils pack on the pounds during their school years by eating cheap, unhealthy and easily available food.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy pizza a plate of cheesy nachos? But balance is key and tracking what you eat is vital to healthier living.

With the help of MyFitnessPal, it is possible to easily manage the amount of calories you have consumed and burned in a day. It also can help you place in your weight and measurements so you can easily manage your healthy weight loss journey.

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  • DuoLingo

This free app offers over ten languages — from German to French to Spanish, all is achievable thanks to DuoLingo. This program helps you learn your language of choice by setting weekly goals for you to enhance your control in that speech. It sets skills you should focus on — in the beginning until the very complex stage; you can easily handle complex words and sentence structures very quickly!

  • CamScanner

Being a college student ensures you will constantly have to have documents on hand. When it’s a scanned copy of your passport, ID card or health insurance — you don’t know when you might have to scan your documents. Not to mention — no one likes to drag themselves to a printing station to scan a record last minute.

So what is CamScanner? It’s a portable scanner that comes in handy in scanning receipts, notes and business data or another document. It further allows files to be cropped, edited and can be saved in PDF form or a different format.

  •  Easybib

Whenever you have just finished writing off your essay, you hardly have the power to go through each and every sentence in painful details. All you need then is a magical wand which you just wave and film — and voila! A perfectly and accurately cited record is presented before you.

Easybib, you must be wondering, is an internet citation generator which helps in getting your job cited for you. All you need to do is fill out a form mentioning what type of bibliography you’re working on and it’ll mention your work straight away.

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Simply make sure to double check because even the most flawless of technology apps can make errors.

  • Wundurlist

Many people are old school so we adhere we writing our to-do list on a piece of paper. Some of us are far more tech-savvy and prefer storing all our day to day actions on our mobiles. Wundurlist is that program that helps you in listing down your tasks daily. It also sets reminders for your personal self-care to improve your wellbeing without stressing you out.

  • Toga

If you are an extroverted nature and love to attend virtually every social event near, this is the app for you. Toga helps you include celebrations, classrooms, workshops or any sort of social gathering to your personal calendar.

Toga notifies you about events beforehand so that you can attend them and also allows you to produce your own event. With Toga, you can add other toga users and promote your own event to them. This is a great app because it encourages a social setting prior to meeting people in reality.

  • Google Maps

If you are new to college and have a poor sense of direction, you might want to download Google Maps. This program will guide you to your place, mention the time it takes, inform of bus stops nearby your region and also mention the traffic time.

Google Maps can help you in getting familiar with your area and get one to understand your way about town without always depending on taxis.

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