Tips to Decorate Your Scrapbook in Unique Ways!


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Making a scrapbook is not only fun but also the most perfect way of keeping all your memories organized and easily accessible. It is a unique way of highlighting your pictures with glitter, stickers and text embellishments. There are endless creative ways of making a scrapbook, all you need is scrapbook embellishments. You can buy them online at great deals and promotions to make the best scrapbook kits.

We have come up with ingenious ways to decorate your scrapbook to make it look eye-catchy and fascinating.

  1. Cut Photos in Different Shapes

Keeping pictures in their traditional form no longer entices people. So we suggest you cut them into different shapes such as hexagons, triangles,  circles, heart and many more. So without fearing, take a pair of scissors and destroy the monotony. Just make sure not to cut faces and important parts from the pictures.

  1. Use Washi Tapes

Yes, it’s time to ditch the glue and start using washi tapes. These are adhesive tapes and come in different patterns, textures, and colors. Stick your pictures cut into different shapes and decorate them with these tapes. This will enhance your pictures and add a little finish to them.

  1. Paste Pictures of the Journey Maps

Pasting maps in the scrapbook can be very useful as you will not need to explain the routes to the viewers verbally. They can have a look and understand themselves the routes to the destination of your journey. You can also embroider the routes to the last trip in the maps using a needle and thread.

Try New Things!

You can write sweet and little messages with calligraphic pens from your scrapbook kit. Also, you can add more scrapbook embellishments to decorate your scrapbooks such as colorful ribbons, laces and more. Another interesting way to enhance your scrapbook is to create a custom stamping effect with rubber stamps. You can also try out your creative ways to give your scrapbook fascinating look.

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