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Stay in a PG and stay safe

When it comes to staying outside the home in a new city and that too all alone then there are mainly 2 kinds of residential formats from which one can choose. One can either go for a paying guest accommodation or for an independent house. Each of them has their own set of advantages and not so good sides.

Here are some things that one needs to keep in mind when they are staying in a hostel.

  • In case of a hostel life, one has to follow a proper set of rules and regulations. There are certain norms maintained in the hostel. In every hostel there are hostel wardens who are mostly responsible to ensure a proper implementation of the safety of the students who are staying there. That is why; there is a certain time limit within which one has to come back to the hostel at night and one has to maintain proper meal hours throughout the day as well. Without following those rules one cannot stay in a hostel.
  • One also needs to maintain certain decorum in the room that they are staying. There are certain rules of keeping the hostel room clean and this is because one has to share the room with another student as well. So, one has to be very organised and keep all the things in an orderly manner. Also, keeping it in a that way is to behave maturely and when one steps outside the house, they have to be matured enough to deal with it.
  • When in hostel one has to learn punctuality. That means, one has to wake up on time and one should not miss on the breakfast hours because they are only available in the hostel canteen for 2 hours in the morning. So, if there is no self discipline then it will be very difficult for one to survive the hostel life.
  • If one is staying in a hostel then one has to be very clean and maintain their hygiene as well. One should not keep piling the dirty clothes at one corner of the room and let it be. They need to wash the clothes at least once every week and also keep the room clean to maintain their personal hygiene.

But yes, for those who have moved out of their city and that too for higher studies or for a new job and want to have a staying accommodation then paying guest option can easily serve the bill. Though finding the best PG in Delhi can be quite a challenging task but still it is a good idea to go for it because it can be the best economical option for those who are staying alone. In most of the good PGs they also have all the basic facilities like running water, electricity, refrigerator and internet connection. But here are some other important reasons mentioned which can be an advantage to stay in a PG.


This is said to be the biggest advantage when it comes to living outside the hometown. Paying guest accommodations always have less rental values against that of independent house rents. Also, independent houses are spacious and so they are more suited for a family stay. Or else if one is living with a group of friends then they can rent a house so that the rent gets divided every month.

Social Security

It is always advised for a single tenant to stay in PG. Why so? Because they always have a good social security and all the other roommates are like a family. Even when there is an emergency one can stay in safe hands. Most of the PGs are there in an occupied society building and in most cases the landlord either stays in another floor or in the close proximity. Hence they are always more secures as compared to an independent house.

Readymade facilities

All the basic facilities are available in the PG like all time running water, geyser, refrigerator, television and electricity. Sometimes free WI fi is also provided there. They also come with all the basic furniture like cupboards, chairs, table and bed.


In a PG there is no need of looking after maintenance every once in a while. The maintenance, the cleaning and other issues are mostly controlled by the PG owner and they take care if suddenly a switch board is not working one fine morning. So, if one is going for a luxury PG in Delhi then these things are never an issue. Also, these are not part of the regular costs as well.


In most PGs there are food accommodations as well. One does not have to keep looking for the best Tiffin service in Noida because they mostly get their breakfast and dinner in the PG only. Hence, there are no headaches to search for foods.

Thus one can think of living a hassle free life in a PG.

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