Roles and Responsibilities of a Travel Agent



A reliable travel agent plays a wide role with a variety of specialization in the travel agency. Below are some of the roles played by a travel agent in a travel agency;

Promoting and marketing the business

They play an important role in the marketing of the business, they print out a brief poster about the business and issue out to clients in service to spread the news about the business, more so they create an online platform for the business to allow a worldwide access by people all over thus promoting the business.

Maintain statistical and financial records

Agents in a travel agency write down statements of retained earnings and other business expenditures. They keep records of income statements, businesses’ balance sheets and tax returns. They keep financial records of all earning received from each service offered to clients, noting every details and when the payment was submitted during and after the tour or other service rendered to the client in place.

Coming up with promotional materials and displays

Travel agents are also given the role of creating a design/material that the business will use in promotions and also in other business displays. These promotional materials include; common business attires, designing logos for the business, prizes for trusted clients among others. These promotional services are meant to market the business.

Offer solutions to clients’ queries

The best travel agent offers assistance to clients with questions that need clarification, handling complaints from clients who have burning issues concerning their services, giving the clients the right guide or explanation concerning their issues.

Budget management

Travel agents also are responsible for keeping records on income, expenses and daily expenditures of the business. An agent in a travel agency identifies the income per each client served, the expense used during a trip or treat for the clients and manage budgets considering both the welfare of the business and that of clients. 

Recruit, train and supervise staffs

Specialized travel agents act also as trainees and human resource managers on a travel agency. A travel agent offers training to new employees and also do re-evaluation in order to recruit skilled and qualified personnel.

Offer guidance to clients on a tour

Travel agents provide any relevant assistance to clients on service, they give relevant information to clients during the tour. A reliable travel agent ensures the clients have enjoyed and visit all the necessary destinations and hang out as planned.

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