Let’s Dig into Stellar BitRaser for File Mac Software?


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Are you planning to sell, donate, or dispose of your Mac machine or used hard drive?..

Do you share your Mac and USB storage drives with your friends, colleagues, and family?..

Are you concerned that your private and confidential data on Mac drive might be recovered, even after erasing? If yes, then you need Stellar BitRaser for File.

In this blog post, we will dig into Stellar BitRaser for File Mac software and share everything that you need to know about this secure file erasure software, including its features, usability, and how you can use it to destroy sensitive data on Mac drives beyond recovery.

About Stellar BitRaser for File

Stellar BitRaser for File is a certified secure file eraser and privacy-safeguarding software for macOS that helps you keep your private and confidential information safe from breach and unauthorized access.

And here’s how it works!

Ideally, when you erase a file in your Mac system or from a Mac storage media, the file is moved to ‘Trash’ folder. The file remains in Trash folder and can be restored with a click unless the folder is emptied.

But even if you empty the Trash folder or use a shortcut key to erase a file by skipping Trash, the file still remains on the storage drive. And such erased files on Mac can be recovered with the help of a basic data recovery software. This could be a major threat to your privacy and confidential information. And that’s where BitRaser for File comes in.

Unlike most file erasure software, Stellar BitRaser for File can implement 17 international data erasure standards such as DoD 5220.22-M (3 passes/7 passes), NATO, etc. to sanitize (secure-erase) Mac system and supported drives.

It also features two verification methods—Total and Random—which, if selected, check and confirm data erasur simultaneously.

Following are the 17 International data erasure standards supported by Stellar BitRaser for File:

  1. DoD 5220.22-M (3 Passes)
  2. DoD 5200.22-M (ECE) (7 Passes)
  3. DoD 5200.28-STD (7 Passes)
  4. NATO Standard (7 Passes)
  5. GOST-R-50739-95 (2 Passes)
  6. US Army AR 380-19 (3 Passes)
  7. Canadian RCMP TSSIT OPS-II (4 Passes)
  8. British HMG IS5 (3 Passes)
  9. AFSSI 5020 (3 Passes)
  10. Pfitzner Algorithm (33 Passes)
  11. Peter Gutmann (35 Passes)
  12. VSITR (7 Passes)
  13. B. Schneier’s Algorithm (7 Passes)
  14. Random Random Zero (6 Passes)
  15. Pseudo-Random and Zeroes (2 Passes)
  16. Pseudo-Random
  17. Zeroes

Besides, the software generates tamper-proof and digitally signed certificate of erasure and data erasure report with a 100% audit trail.


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Pros and Cons

●       Lightweight setup ●       Can’t wipe Mac system hard drive volume where macOS is installed
●       Wizard-like easy to use GUI
●       Erases data and volumes on both internal and external Mac HDD, SSD, and other USB drives
●       Option to schedule and automate various file erasure tasks
●       Also available for Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP

How effective is Stellar BitRaser for File?

Stellar BitRaser for File is an effective file eraser software that helps you safeguard your sensitive information and optimize the Mac system for better performance.

With Stellar BitRaser for File software, you can choose to secure-erase or wipe individual files and folders from any Mac system or drive, Mac hard drives or SSD volumes, and overwrite empty storage space to sanitize previously deleted but recoverable files from the Mac drive.

You can also use the software as a system cleaner and optimization app. In a few clicks, you can securely erase internet activities data, system traces, and application traces, which contain highly confidential information such as passwords, chat messages, browsing history, saved card details, social media logins, etc.

Most importantly, the certificate of erasure and erasure report generated by the software can be used as a legit document to meet regulatory compliance, audits, and data protection laws such as GDPR.

And it works on any Apple device such as MacBook (Air/Pro), iMac (Pro), and Mac (Mini/Pro) installed with macOS 10.9 or later version.

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