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Know these 5 things before moving to any cloud hosting solution

Are you still using a business software solution by installing it on your office desktop? Do you feel confined when you are not able to access your software when you are at home or on the go? Does your business get affected because of the regular hardware failure which leads to an interruption in your workflow? Then cloud hosting will surely be a panacea for you.

Gone are those days when businesses used to work on desktop installed software as it confines the business in many ways. We currently living in an era where technology is ruling every sector and industry and cloud hosting is also a result of this technological revolution. Instead of using software by installing it on the desktop, now businesses are moving to cloud hosting solution just by choosing an economical cloud hosting provider. There are many benefits offered by the robust cloud hosting solution and it has become quite popular as well. But still there are many things that people don’t know about the amazing cloud hosting solution and therefore, in this blog post, we are going to discuss about the top 5 things that you need to know about cloud hosting solution before making the shift.

Same UI

One of the most important things that you should know about the cloud hosting solution is that you will never have to work on a different UI after shifting to the cloud hosting solution. Your familiarity with the UI acts as an advantage for you and you can carry on this advantage to the cloud platform as well. After shifting to the cloud hosting platform, you will get an RDP through which you will be able to access your software on the cloud. But even after shifting to the cloud, you will get the same UI as your desktop installed software and therefore there is a minimal learning curve.

Public server doesn’t mean sharing of data

A cloud hosting provider works on a public cloud server on which the resources of the server are shared among different users. But sharing the resources doesn’t mean that your data will also be shared with other users on the same cloud server. Cloud hosting solution is known for its enhanced security and no one will be able to access your data on the cloud even if the user is present on the same public cloud server. Public cloud server is very economical as the resource is shared among different users but even with shared resources, the platform is ultra-secured.

There is no device restriction

If you are using a cloud hosting solution like QuickBooks Premier hosting then you will not be restricted to your office desktop only. When it comes to accessibility, then no solution can match the flexibility of cloud hosting. Since the software and the data is on cloud, you can access it through any device that has internet access like mobile, laptop, tablet, etc. This is a major advantage for businesses since the employees can’t carry their laptop everywhere.

Your internet connection will play a major role

If you are thinking that everything in terms of your cloud hosted application will depend upon the cloud hosting provider then you are completely wrong. A lot will depend upon how good your internet connection is. This is why, cloud experts recommend users to first get a high bandwidth internet connection before shifting to the cloud because, in the end, you will be accessing your software through your RDP on the basis of your internet connection only.

Customer support is free

Customer support is baked right into the cloud hosting package and therefore, you don’t have to pay even a single dime for it. But just because it comes for free doesn’t mean that it is not that useful. You should know that customer service is very important if you are going to shift to the cloud hosting solution like QuickBooks hosting. Without a responsive and quality customer support system, your cloud hosting experience will be hampered for sure. In order to deal with the daily issues which are very common in any IT solution, you will need to have a good customer service team with you.

Shifting to the cloud hosting solution can prove to be one of the most remarkable decisions for your firm but you should do a little bit of research about the cloud before making the move. An informed decision, especially when it is related to cloud hosting will surely play a crucial role in allowing you to reap the advantages.

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