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Is Benzoyl Peroxide Safe To Use While Breastfeeding?

With all the changes the body undergoes during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it almost seems unfair that acne should be one of them. Yet, for many women, the postpartum period is one of endless breakouts and red skin. There is no cause for despair, however, as there are many ways to treat acne and care for skin while breastfeeding that are perfectly safe and healthy for the baby (and mother, too!).

Natural vs. Over-the-Counter Medicines
There are many over-the-counter medications that successfully treat acne. Among them, benzoyl peroxide is one of the most popular. It is also among the safest of acne medicines for breastfeeding mothers. The cells of the skin naturally break down the chemicals in benzoyl peroxide and render them completely harmless before anything can be passed on in the mother’s milk. This is good news for women whose acne responds to this product.
For women who would like to try a more natural approach to acne treatment during breastfeeding, there are many options that will do no harm to either mother or child.

Two of the most powerful are the following:

1. Vegan face wash

Is Benzoyl Peroxide Safe To Use While Breastfeeding?

A face wash made with natural oils and extracts and no chemicals is a kind and gentle choice for ravaged skin. There are many ingredients which are good for fighting and soothing breakouts and at least a few of them should be included in a healthy face wash. Look for coconut oil, lavender oil, chamomile and grapefruit extracts, glycerin, holly leaf extract, or geranium flower oil. All of these will help control acne and heal skin, too.

2. Oil Treatment

The popularity of oil treatments has boomed in recent years as essential oils have made their way into the mainstream. To find the best acne oil treatment, check for the following ingredients:
• Rosehip oil to brighten skin while fading scars
• Black cumin seed oil to fight the bacteria that causes acne
• Lavender oil to both prevent new pimples and heal old ones
• Blue tansy to repair damaged skin
• Tamanu seed oil to prevent redness and soothe the skin
Whichever form of acne treatment a woman chooses, she should always check with her doctor before beginning treatment, just to make sure everything is A-OK.

Prevention is Better Than a Cure

 Prevention is Better Than a Cure
Is there a way to stop acne before it even starts? The short answer is yes. There are basic steps everyone can take to prevent acne. Not all methods work for all people, however. Some bodies produce more sebum, the oil that clogs pores, than others. Those bodies will be more acne prone. However, following a few key routines on how to prevent acne can help everyone, regardless of skin type or age.

1. Wash your face

Use a gentle, organic, vegan cleanser. Be sure to wash it after a workout that causes you to sweat a lot as well as at nighttime.
2. Eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.
3. Drink lots of water. Cut out the soda.
4. Get plenty of sleep.
Take care of yourself and your skin, too.

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