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In-Depth Knowledge Of The Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine is a work of art for people to appreciate.Chinese cuisine is related to Chinese art, Chinese philosophy and even the Chinese religion. The Chinese food is widely acclaimed because of three main features: colour, aroma and taste.

  • Diverse colours

Combining foods of different colours can help in arousing people’s appetite. Aesthetically appealing food captures people’s attention and makes them interestedin the food presented to them. Usually, three to four bright, contrasting colours are used to decorate the main ingredient. The add-on ingredients also complete the dish and add value.

  • Aromatic flavour

The wonderful aroma of a dish attracts people to the dish. People automatically assume that something that smells good must taste wonderful as well. Spices like aniseed, ash seeds, cinnamon and other spices are added to assist in dispelling the main ingredients’ smells. To make the dish smell better strong flavours like shallot, garlic, ginger, chilli, wine, oil etc are added.

  • Five main classes of taste

The Chinese people focus on showing either one or all five of their main classes of taste in one dish. These five tastes are sweet, bitter, sour, salty and hot. The Chinese are generous in using seasonings like soya sauce, vinegar etc. however, maintaining a perfect balance is essential. The chinese cuisine reflects eating habits of different areas of china.

Main features of Chinese cuisine

  • Staple foods: Wheat, rice, noodles, vegetables and soybean products constitute to be the major staple foods of Chinese dishes
  • Seasonings and herbs: The rich seasonings of Chinese dishes include flavours of scallion, cilantro, garlic, fennel, cloves, baby shrimps, dried mushrooms, oyster sauce, rice vinegar etc.
  • Desserts: The main Chinese desserts offer steamed and boiled sweets like pastries, dim sums, cakes, fresh fruits, baobing (shaved ice) and jellies.
  • Tea:One of the main drinks in chinese cuisineis tea. Various kinds of teas like black, white, green, yellow, oolong, dark tea are the most famous ones.
  • Dining etiquette: The Chinese people have their own set of cutleries that they use like chopsticks. The Chinese dining etiquettes are an important part of the heritage. It teaches the youth certain rules like the children should not be seated before the elderly; one should not hold the bowl from the bottom like a beggar etc

Since the Chinese cuisine is famous all around the world, it has evolved according to the needs of the locals’ tastes and ingredients. Ordering food online is the ultimate game-changer in today’s world. Chinese cuisine is fortunately readily available everywhere and chinese online is in high demand. Many restaurants are functioning mainly by selling Chinese food online. Some practices of Chinese cuisines are critically acclaimed. Animal cruelty has been a part of Chinese cuisine in the west, japan and china. In these areas live animals are eaten and animals are also a part of exotic games played. Other controversial products used in Chinese cuisine are snakes in snake soup, dogs for their meat and bears for their claws.

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