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How to Track a Cell Phone Location without them knowing?

Cell phone devices over the last decade have become important technological creatures in our life. We can say it’s been integrated with human DNA. We can forget our meals, but when it comes to leaving cell phone idle willingly, it won’t be possible for us to do so. The intensity of using cell phones has made all of us obsessed with technology no time ever before. However, mobile phones are of the major reason behind espionage these days.

From digital parenting to the employee monitoring and from law enforcers to people in a relationship used to of tracking cell phone location without the target person knowing has become possible. Therefore, if you are looking forward to tracking a cell phone location of your target person without him knowing then you need to get your hands on the mobile surveillance software.

Now questions arise how you would do that; that’s why I am here to discuss with you how you can make it possible to spy on someone’s cell phone location secretly. Let’s get to know in the following mentioned valuable information.

How to get cell phone tracking app to track phone location without them knowing?

cell phone tracking app

You can do surveillance on anyone’s cell phone location remotely but you need to initially install mobile phone monitoring software on the target device. However, first and foremost you need to get your hands on the high –tech tool that allow you to trace the location of the target person by tracking his smartphone without him knowing.

Subscribe for phone spy software

You need to get the tool first; so you need to visit the web for a while to subscribe for phone spying software by visiting its official webpage. So, after the subscription, you will receive an email that provides you the passcode and ID.

Get physical access on the target phone

Now you get physical access on the target device and once you have it then you need to start the process of installation. Have you completed the installation process and if you have done it then you need to set it up on the target device. However, before you complete process of activation, you will see a pop –up on the target device screen; it will assist you to hide the icon of the tracking software for a mobile phone device. You can end up with the process of activation.

Get access to cell phone tracking software web portal

It is the right time to use the credentials that you have procured earlier when you have got the subscription online of cell phone monitoring spyware. So, use the passcode and ID to login to the web control panel of the tracking app for android. You will be able to get access to multiple tracking tools for cell phone location. Now you need to make a tap on the following tool of the surveillance software for android.

GPS location tracker

You can monitor the pinpoint location of the target device using GPS location tracker software. Furthermore, you can track the current and exact location of the targeted device.

Location history tracker

You can track the location history of the target mobile device with a time stamp on the MAP such as weekly and daily location history by using location history monitoring software.


The end-user can simply create an electronic fence around the target device on the Google MAP. It will empower you to mark restricted areas and save areas. However, the user will get a notification through email once the target enters or leave the fence.


Tracking software for mobile phone is the best tool to track the location of the target device within them knowing.

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