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How to Increase Print Speed?

Printers are essential machines having many benefits for all and sundry. From students to professionals, every individual uses the printing machines for several documentation tasks and activities.  So, slow printing can be highly frustrating for the people while they need to take print of their important documents.

Interestingly, you can increase the speed of your slow printer easily. How? There are some easy-peasy ways that you can do to fix the problem. Read the article to get detailed information about it..!

Top Tips for boosting the printer speed

There is no denying that printers possess a significantly important place in both homes and workplaces. Keeping this in view, the individuals strive hard for maintaining printers to retain it for years. But, a slow printer is not liked by anyone. If you are struggling with the printing speed, try the given below tips and tricks to make your printing machine work fast in dire need of time!

Check the connectivity 

The first and foremost important thing to buckle up your printer is to check the connections. It is not necessarily true that network connection makes the trouble, but it can be the power cable. So, your task is to consider checking all the connections of your printer before you click the “print” command. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the USB and Wireless connectivity for boosting the printing speed!

Essentially, a weak connection may be owing to a low-quality machine. To avoid such a problem, you should consider getting the best printers from the start to ensure wireless connectivity from a larger distance also. 

Consider the quality of printing 

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to printing. So, you should consider choosing the printing machine based on your business requirements. It is because the requirements define the quality of printing, leading to an influence on the speed. 

For example, if you have an inkjet printer designed for monochrome printing, you should not print heavy graphics printing using it. The reason is that it will consume a lot of time. Beware! You should use the appropriate printing machine for taking the prints of your documents to fasten the speed of the machine. 

Check for RAM Capacity

It is imperative to understand that not every time, the printing machine is responsible for the slow output. It may also be possible that the RAM capacity of your PCs caused the issue. The slow speed of your system read-only memory can put an excessive burden on the machines leading them to work slowly.  So, it is better to check for the capacity of RAM to enable the printing machines to print faster.

printer speed

Decrease the number of pages

Assigning too many print jobs to the machines can cause slow printing. It is owing to the reason because nothing can work beyond the working threshold. So, it is better to divide the printing jobs into several chunks for creating ease for the machines to accomplish the jobs within the due time. It considerably depends on the number of pages and the amount of content over the pages. 

The typography, images, text style, and other formatting stuff also impact the speed of printing a paper. Don’t forget to consider all these factors for the improved speed of your printer!

Circumvent the process of spooling

The spooler is referred to as the place of managing waiting jobs while the workstations are connected to the server. The higher spooling can cause slow printing. Therefore, the users should consider taking print at an appropriate time when printer usage is minimal. It is because; they don’t have to wait for their turn to use the printer. 

Another option for surpassing the printer is to check the option of “Print Directly,” and you will be able to do the tasks without any delay. Try it once, and you will be happy to see the results!

Clear Jobs from Print Tray

Sometimes, pausing or canceling print jobs can have a negative impact on the printer’s memory. It is because printers have trivial memory that can manage only a few commands or maybe sequential commands. So, it is essential to clear the tray holding all the files for printing. You just need to open up the Print Queue and check for the legacy of the print job for clearly it. 

Update Printer Drivers

Last but not least, outdated drivers can cause issues of slow printing. You should consider updating the drivers to keep the print work well. Generally, the printers come up with driver software. For example, if you have Xerox Dubai based printing machine, you can update the driver online or using the CD. The updating of the driver may vary depending on your printer. It will surely resolve the slow printing issue. 

Final Thought on increasing printer speed

Summing up, slow printing is frustrating. You can try the given tips to boost your printer for working really fast. Don’t forget to be friendly with your printing machine to keep it in the best condition for enhanced life expectancy and improved working!

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