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How to Get Rid of Home Pests

If you stay in a house because of its amenities, then you can say the same to the bugs and pests that invade your home. They need water, food, shelter, and other promising conditions to stay in a place. If they find these inside your home, they expect them to infest and stay longer. Luckily for you, there are a few ways by which you can get rid of the most common house bugs, and here are some of them.


Cockroaches are some of the most common house pests. They are dangerous because they carry diseases. Aside from this, you may also find them hard to track and eliminate. However, you may observe that these pests frequent in places that are filled with resources. Here are some of the ways by which you can remove them:

  • Remove their hiding places once you discover them
  • Thoroughly check gaps and cracks
  • Use foam insulation and caulk to seal gaps
  • Remove all potential sources of food

To prevent them from growing in number, make sure that you don’t accidentally give them any place to hide or run to. Doing that will require you to remove all unnecessary supplies and debris from your home. Unless it is needed on the floor, keep yourself from storing your things there.

Bed Bugs:

The first step of eliminating bugs is knowing what they look like and where it usually hides. If you are suspecting a bed bug infestation, remember that these critters are only small and have the oval-shaped body. They are also brown and wingless. These pests usually hide in your mattresses, bedding, carpets, bed frames, furniture, bedroom clutter, and baseboards. To prevent them, you can follow these steps:

  • Search the piping of your mattress for dark droppings, eggs, dried blood, and gold-coloured shells
  • Set traps in areas they hide or travel in
  • Look at your skin for bite marks
  • Familiarize yourself with how they look like
  • Isolate your bed and clean everything
  • Use heat instead of chemicals

You can also prevent a possible infestation by setting traps, checking your pet’s bed, and travelling with vacuum-sealed bags.


Whenever you see ants, your first instinct is to step on it and kill it. However, this does not help much in solving the problem. The ant you killed is most likely a scout ant, which means there are hundreds more back in their colony. If you follow them, these scout ants can lead you to the entire colony. To eliminate them, you will have to:

  • Identify the ant species and learn their habits
  • Keep your place clean
  • Erase the ant trail
  • Look for the best bait
  • Find the colony and destroy the nest.
  • Apply pesticides to all the entry points.


Out of the many countries in the world, the United States is one of the countries where you can find the most number of fly species. Here, you can find species like blowflies, drain flies, gnats, and houseflies. Regardless of what species they are, you might find it annoying when they visit your home. Aside from the annoyance they bring you, they are also couriers of many diseases. If you experience fly infestation every day, maybe it is time that you take care of them by hiring or consulting experts.


If other pests affect your health, termites tend to attack the structure of your house more. They are troublesome because they attack the foundations of your home. They are also quite challenging to eliminate. If you observe these creatures whose favorite are wood, you must get rid of them immediately before they can cause any more damage. Here are some steps you can follow to get rid of them:

  • Find the nest and destroy it
  • Seal all possible entry points
  • Build barriers around your house
  • Do not give them the conditions to come back


If you are not scared of them, spiders are not as bothersome as the other pests on this list. Spiders only tend to infest a home to prevent themselves from freezing to death. This makes a warm home filled with food attractive to them. They can be helpful sometimes by preying on the other insects you can find in your homes such as flies and mosquitoes. But if you do not want them anywhere near you, you can try out these tips:

  • Kill them on sight
  • Clean your house regularly
  • Use residual sprays
  • Seal all possible gaps and crevices in your home


Once your pet comes home bringing fleas under your rood, you will know about it. While they are small in size, they can be easy to spot since they jump a lot and bite. They mainly show up in your home during the warm months. If you are bothered by the possible flea infestation, here is how you can get rid of them:

  • Kill the fleas using a home-safe flea spray
  • Clean your house, especially everything made of fabric
  • Bring your pets to the veterinarian regularly before they acquire fleas

You will still have to monitor your pet to make sure that it does not bring fleas inside your home. Much like the bed bugs, you can also hire someone to get rid of a severe flea infestation. Out of all of these reasons, remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that your pets are receiving flea treatments.


In many countries all over the world, one of the fatal diseases is those that are mosquito-borne. Mosquitoes are excellent couriers of diseases, and they can spread heartworms to animals such as cats and dogs. To deter them here are a few repellent tips recommended by experts:

  • Mow your yard and prune the hedges to make sure that the shade has been reduced
  • Remove all standing water
  • Treat all water pools with chemical
  • Stock the garden using fish and chlorinated water
  • Contact mosquito control companies if infestations get worse
  • Make sure that your foliage is professionally sprayed

Dealing with pests can be tiring, but there are ways to prevent them from getting out of hand. If you need professional help to eliminate them, do not have second thoughts asking for help. Check out the full story on how to get rid of lice permanently. Read this guide on bee control.

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