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How lemon water can have a Positive impact on your Body

Lemon water is the rage all over. You will find out restaurants serving them and even some of us have abandoned the thought of coffee and tea and opted for lemon water. No doubts about the fact that lemon is delicious but when you add them to water more health benefits can be expected in the first place. The research available on the benefits of lemon water is reciprocal. Though less degree of research has been done in relation to lemon water, research does showcase the benefits of lemon along with water in a separate way.

Before even you plan to buy Ro water purifier there are various health benefits of lemon water that you must be aware of in the first place

Fosters hydration

As per health care, experts’ women need to have 91 ounces of water per day and in the case of men, it is 125 ounces. This does on to include water from your food along with drinks. Though water is the best form of hydration, some people are not known to be liking the taste of water. Once you add lemon to water it enriches the flavor and you might end up drinking more of it.

A vital source of vitamin C

Lemon is a citrus fruit that is basically a rich source of vitamin C. This does work out to be a primary antioxidant that is going to prevent free damage of radicals. You could have gone on to hear that vitamin C could go on to prevent the damage of common cold in certain people, but studies work out to be a cause of concern. This also goes on to reduce the possibility of cardiovascular disease and even blood pressure issues.

Though lemons do not top the list as far as citrus fruits are concerned, still they work out to be a great source. As per estimates available around 1 lemon might provide you with 18.6 milligrams of vitamin C. Though the recommended intake as far as adults are concerned works out to be 80 milligrams.

Contributes to the process of weight loss

The antioxidants present in lemon would go on to reduce obesity in a big way. Though this research was undertaking with mice, when done with human being’s positive results did go on to emerge in a big way. Though it is not clear on people who end up drinking a lot of water or even feeling full after consumption of lemon water is still not clear.

Improves the quality of your skin

In lemons, Vitamin C is found as this can go on to reduce the wrinkling of your skin. Even damage from your skin is protected in a big way. But water improving the quality of your skin stills seems to be a controversial claim in a lot of ways. One thing is sure, if your skin loses moisture it is prone to numerous wrinkles and in mice development of wrinkles can emerge.

Helps you to deal with digestion issues

There are some people who go on to drink lemon water in the morning as a laxative that can help you deal with digestion. Once you drink lemon water in the morning it can help your digestion. As per Ayurveda, the lemon water taste is bound to ignite your Agni as it provides a strong benefit to your digestive system. You can rake in more food as it does prevent a lack of toxins emerging in the first place.

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Freshens up your breath

Sometimes you might end up putting a slice of lemon on to your hands in order to get rid of the strong odor of garlic. This same remedy you can opt for foods that you consume and paves way for bad breath like onions. Even it is possible to avoid bad breath once you drink lemon water after a meal, be it the first thing in the morning. Lemon is going to stimulate the saliva and prevents the formation of a bad mouth that can even lead to the build-up of bacteria.

Prevents formation of kidneys stones

Lemon is a vital source of citrus acids that prevent the formation of kidney stones. The main feature of citric acid is making the urine less acidic and is known to be breaking up the small stones. Once you drink lemon to water not only it makes you citrate, but it is going to help you flush out the toxins from your system.

The procedure on how to make lemon water

In order to cash in on the benefits of lemon water, you must drink it on a consistent basis. In your mug, you need more than a single wedge of lemon. When you are making lemon water you always go on to use fresh lemon and not artificial lemon from a bottle.

In order to make lemon water, you need to squeeze a lemon into 8 ounces of cold water. In order to make the drink as healthy as possible, you need to use organic lemons. There are ways by which you can make the taste of lemon water more friendly, by adding a tinge of mint or honey. Even you can go on to add lemon cubes and pep up the taste of lemon.

In the morning you can start off your day with a cup of lemon water. If you keep infused water with lemon in the fridge and drink it during the course of the day.

Though lemon water is generally safe to drink still there are some pitfalls associated with this type of drink. As far as heartburn is concerned lemon water could work both in a positive and negative way. As it contains citric acid it is going to cause heartburn in some people. Even some people have felt an increase in the trips to the bathroom once they go on to drink lemon water on a large scale.

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