How do you write a status on WhatsApp?



WhatsApp has introduced a new feature in February when it is turned eight and this feature looks to indicate to a future where the app are moving far away from text messages, and trust maximum on pictures and short videos, (the ephemeral status update). This advance specification from the Facebook-owned messaging company afford more than a passing similarity to social rival Snapchat, and the (update) has not just included a new bar for the status in the (menu) on your screen top, but also a camera click at the center of the things, which is made for your status update, or a contact, or group. WhatsApp Status feature is (similar) to Instagram Facebook Stories because it provides a facility to users to promote their posts with their contacts and after 24 hours it will disappear automatically. WhatsApp users can share pictures and videos with their contacts, along with posts that are just text messages. It is an excellent chance, and it is actually very clear also. but in a situation, when you have any questions about using this feature, now we will discuss here what you should have the knowledge about how to write the best WhatsApp Status updates. You can also hire any classified ads service to promote your WhatsApp status.

Here is a procedure about writing a WhatsApp status:

Step 1:

Open WhatsApp.

Step 2:

Click on ‘status’.

Step 3:

Go to ‘My Status’. If you already have a status, click the small circle with a + sign on the top right.

Step 4:

Capture a picture by clicking the shutter button, or keep touching the button for a video. Or choose one from the camera roll at the bottom side of the screen.

Step 5:

Add a caption if you wish by clicking on ‘Add a caption’, and then click on the ‘Send icon’ at the bottom right.

Step 6:

You can click on it to watch, or tap the menu button on the right side to examine how many people have viewed the update or to forward it. Click on the ‘eye icon’ to watch the list of the names of the people who have seen your update.

Optional step:

If you want to alter the post’s font, click the “T” in the top-right side of the screen. You can click the “T” various times to cycle via the available choices.

Optional step:

If you wish to alter the status’s background color, click the paint palette in the top-right corner of the screen. You can click the paint palette various times to cycle via the given choices.

Step 7:

After 24 hours, this WhatsApp status will disappear automatically.

How to edit privacy Settings:

You can adjust it so that only selected WhatsApp contacts can check your status, or you can select those who cannot see your status by making a list of them. Or you can select an option that everyone could see your status update. Now we are discussing how to edit privacy settings.

  • open WhatsAppOnce again.
  • Move to Status and click on the Three dots menu list on the top right, and select Status privacy.
  • On the other hand, you can click on the menu icon in the main chats screen and open Settings> Account > Privacy > Status.
  • There are three choices available, one is ‘My contacts’, which is all your contacts, second is ‘My contacts except, which lets you pick contacts to remove and the third option is ‘The only share with’, which allow you to select contacts to share best WhatsApp status

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