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How Do You Feel After Your Death

How Do You Feel After Your Death: Though this is the most beautiful thing whichever happens to us. We all are misguided on earth’s plane about death. There is a line of thinking that everything ends with death. Not True!! The real cause of  New life and New beginnings comes after death.
How Do You Feel After Your Death
My first blog is especially dedicated to those lovely souls who are Sufferers & those who lost their beloved ones, family member or beloved pets to whom they were connected so deeply. As we all human beings are going through a different journey. We all have assigned to earth with some purpose or mission. The sooner our purpose finishes, God immediately calls us back “Home”(spirit world). For this, we have to face the “DEATH FIRST“.

How Do You Feel After Your Death

After Death, the soul of a dead person is so attached to the earthly world and strongly wishes to return back to the body. True death does not occur when the physical body stops functioning. It takes place one day after physical death. It usually happens when silver cord breaks.
Human beings have a “Silver cord” , a very fine thread stretching from the back of their heads which connects the soul & the body. As long as it does not break, the soul can return to the body. But if it’s broken, the soul can never return to its original body.
The dead still feel very anxious about what is happening on earth, So You should be aware that they are watching you even after they die.
When the physical body dies, we human beings do not disappear. Souls reside within physical bodies & when physical body dies, the soul leaves the body and returns to another world (Spirit world).
However, some people do not recognize their own death. In this way, the dead continues to believe that they are still alive. At this point, their physical shape remains the same as they were alive. Some people were ill before dying, They remain inside their bodies for a while & continuing to feel ill as they did before dying. When a dead person hears other people that “they are dead”, the dead never believed &get confused. The dead person screams to people that “ I am still alive“, I am totally okay!! The dead goes to every member of their family and tell them that not to Cry, “I am alive”. The dead suspects that everyone has gone mad. Though in reality, they are already dead, but their soul repeatedly leaves & re-enters the body.


How Do You Feel After Your Death

               For a while, the dead person remains in their own house, sometimes floating towards the ceiling or the roof. But when they look down from the roof, they get scared & quickly return to their body. When people started talking about their funeral, they hate the idea of being cremated. The dead person screams,” once my body has been burned, I will no longer come back to my life. “Please don’t burn me”.
     This is all goes into the mind of a dead person. The dead feels very anxious, confused, fearful & helpless. In some cases, the dead soul resists a lot & tried to move the body in some way to let the family know that he/she is Still Alive.

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