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Here’ Presenting the Top 5 Free Local SEO Tools

Whether you have to do local SEO for your self or a client, you may need to work with a tool at some point. Fortunately for you and many other online business owners and SEO experts, there are so many local SEO tools on the internet that are free of cost. Even while being free, these tools are very effective and reliable and you can be assured of success and enhanced productivity while using them. Some tools can offer quick-fix solutions to the problems that you are faced with, almost instantly. Hence, this list of the top 5 free local SEO tools has been put together, for the perusal of our readers, for them to get a brief idea of most of them and then make an informed decision of the kind of tool which would be best suited for their interests.

  1. Local RankFlux – Used by many SEO agencies offering local SEO packages, this is the only tool that can track fluctuating rankings for local search. You can use this tool to track movements of rankings for more than 14,000 keywords which provides you a way to measure the level of volatility along with updates to the existing algorithms (if any). You can use this tool to get updates on a daily and weekly basis. There is also an option to get emergency alerts from this tool which keeps you on track with the latest happenings in the ecosystem that you are active in along with significant google algorithm updates that can impact local rankings.
  1. USPS –For anyone who is looking for a simpler way to find a ZIP code, USPS is the way to go. It is very easy to use this free tool for searching street addresses, cities and even states. This tool is used by companies providing SEO services phoenix and services elsewhere to scrutinize what kind of businesses are rankings in particular neighborhoods. The ZIP codes can further be used in different tools to find out localized search results.
  1. Siteliner – The issues that affect your business along with their rankings can be very easily identified with the help of this tool. When using the free version of this tool, a user can execute around 250-page searches per month which is inclusive of recognizing duplicate content and broken links. All you need to do is to add the URL of the page that you want to check and this free tool will do the rest of the work for you.

Local SEO Packages

  1. Zipsprout –One can look up local sponsorship possibilities with the help of this free local SEO tool, which is a gift that continues to give. City and topic-specific searches can be done very easily with the help of this tool which saves a lot of time and energy of the users. It is ideal for online businesses and SEO agencies (working for their clients) who don’t have the time or the resources or the inclination to send hundreds of emails. 
  1. Answer the Public –This is a great tool for anyone who finds himself or herself stuck during brainstorming and is in the need for content and research ideas. This free local SEO tool has proven to be a life savior for many users as it is highly effective and remains free of cost. You just need to add the keyword that you intend to work with and this tool will very efficiently list all the questions, internet users have looked up on search engines. It is that simple and saves a lot of time and you are easily able to get all the content ideas that you need to increase organic traffic to your website.


Wrapping Up

SEO is crucial for businesses that want to get more prospective clients for themselves through increased rates of organic traffic to their websites which can only be possible through a solid SEO strategy. There are many free and paid tools both for SEO and local SEO that you can use for the greater success of your business. In addition to the 5 top local SEO tools that have already been mentioned above, it would be wise to note the top 5 free SEO tools in general as just like the tools, your local SEO and SEO campaigns have to work together to take your business to new heights and for the achievement of your goals. The top 5 SEO tools are 1) Google Analytics 2) SEMrush 3) Ahrefs 4)Woorank 5) Longtail Pro.

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