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Have A Healthy Cuisine With Avellino’s Pizza

The love for Italian food is well known all over the world. Thus, it has also been ranked as the best cuisine by CNN. Italian food Catering Medford ma serves a number of authentic Italian dishes. Whether ordered at home or having it in a restaurant, dishes from Italy are considered as best to grab a bite. While eating out the meals served in Italian cuisine are quite healthier as it comes from the cooking methods of the Mediterranean. The major ingredients used in Italian meals include olive oil, garlic, green veggies, tomatoes as well as whole grains and this makes it a healthy food choice.

The ingredients that make Italian cuisine tasty and healthy

  • Olive oil– Among all the kinds of oil used in preparing food, olive oil is considered to best with respect to our health and almost all the dishes made under Italian cuisine are prepared with the help of Olive oil. It consists of saturated fats that assist in lessening “bad cholesterol” i.e. LDL and it also enhances “good cholesterol” i.e. HDL. While preparing grilled meats and pasta sauces, or dressing of green salad olive oil is used.
  • Tomatoes-The relation of Italy with tomatoes is quite special and that is clearly shown in Italian meals. The tomatoes are rich in vitamin K and vitamin C along with fiber. The taste of tomatoes is enhanced when they are ripe and are used in making an Italian red sauce or when they are served along with fresh veggies. Adding tomatoes in salads and soups enhances the taste in a very healthy way.
  • Garlic- having antifungal as well as antibiotic nature garlic becomes a very healthy ingredient of any cuisine. In most of Italian meals, garlic is used in proper quantity making the dish better in taste as well as good in health. According to food experts, garlic is also considered as good for the heart.
  • Whole grains– Speaking of Italian cuisine and not discussing Pasta is a sin, and pasta is made from whole grains. It consists of carbohydrates that are complex and boost the level of metabolism and level of energy. Diced tomatoes compliment pasta best when made in olive oil.

You Can Get A Bite of Best Seafood

In Italian meals, seafood is used in a very nice way. Almost every type of fish, as well as shellfish, is used in Italian meals. Seafoods like salmon and tuna are rich in fatty acids while mussels and prawns provide selenium, niacin, and protein. So, if you want to enjoy the best Italian cuisine in Medford then you can simply go for Avellino’s pizza and embrace the dishes rich in taste as well as health. People might find it quite strange but Pizzas are also good for your brain, all you have to do is choose the right toppings.

Even the oregano consists of carvacrol that balances the sugar level in blood and makes your liver healthy. When oregano is mixed in the sauce, it also increases the immunity of the body.

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