HARMAN Ignite Cloud Enlarges Ecosystem for New Immersive Connected Experience



At the CES, Harman announced that they would be expanding its Over-the-Air (OTA) which will thereon allow the OEMs to efficiently and effectively tackle the pressing issue of security complexity at the supply chain component. 

During the event, the consumers and readers got to know how HARMANs automotive cloud platform is a secure and smart technology which is improving the personalised mobility that will satisfy the consumers. 

The president and General Manager of connected services Harman also mentioned that everything in your car is connected to everything outside. 

The company made sure that it works perfectly with entry-level and premium offerings to manage all the multiple in-vehicle solutions. Starting from vehicle diagnostics till cloud-based driver profile, all under one control unit that can be easily updated over-the-air using its Remote Vehicle Updating Service (OTA). 

Moreover, it also enables connected ADAS applications and features as well as the IoT functionality to provide the consumer’s things like route alerts and guidance via calendar integration, and also connecting home control systems such as SmartThings.

Some of the other innovative automotive solutions it provides are as follows-

Harman Shield 

It will alarm you if there is an intrusion as it detects and prevents from anything like that to happen. It is capable of detecting, managing, mitigating and responding to any cyber-attacks on connected and autonomous vehicles.

Vehicle-centric marketplace

It is a virtual personal assistant that will integrate the vehicle and the other VPAs and connected navigation with the help of POI search. Furthermore, Ignite 3.0 has also introduced the Software Supply Chain Protection, which will help OEM to identify, mitigate and assess the security threats across all the fleets of vehicles and institute corrective actions whenever required with the help of OTA.

Parental controls solution

It will have a pre-packaged SaaS solution which will help the automakers to deploy the parental-controls service quickly. It comes with a mobile application for car owners to monitor the location of the car and its status.

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) hub

With the help of AI, it will help the automakers who are in the AI transformation journey implementing the pilots in order to gain knowledge and its short term value. Moreover, the automakers will be able to establish the AI core which includes a partner ecosystem, standardised data ecosystem and a dedicated AI team to develop an integrated view on AI across the whole organisation, then you scale it up and roll out the final AI transformation and present it in front of everyone.

 Car-as-a-Service solution

Not only will the Automakers, but the dealers and service providers – all of them will provide car-sharing services for all the vehicles present. They can efficiently maximise the reach of the vehicle and create car-sharing revenue and then initiate revenue-generating opportunities with the help of other connected services that enhance the customer experience.

 These were some of the benefits that came along when HARMAN Ignite cloud decided to expand its ecosystem in order to provide more immersive connected experience to the consumers.

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