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Clay has to be kneaded with water to make it soft enough to get molded in whatever shape the sculptor wants it to take. Childhood is the part of life where a person is like soft clay that is in need of kneading and shaping. The people we live with and come across are sculptors that either make the clay dry and it becomes brittle or they nourish it with values and love to mold it in beautiful artwork. Kumkum Dhivya is one of those prodigies who were fortunate enough to be mentored by famous Indian artists like Viswam and Subramanium Gopalswami.  You may buy her paintings online

Prolific and Diverse Painter

Her paintings have a rustic feeling to them that evokes nostalgia in the hearts of spectators. She is a prolific and diverse painter as she has experimented her way through various mediums like watercolor, oil on canvas, acrylic paints, etc. She was born and brought in the rural area of the city of Karur of Tamil Nadu on the banks of the famous river Amrawathi. She was introduced to the art world by her grandmother at the tender age of five. Her father was an advocate and tried his hands with art by making sketches every now and then. Although she pursued her higher education in Economics, painting is her first love. Her works reflect much about her love for nature. She belonged to a family of agriculturalists and spent her childhood in the fold of Mother Nature on their farm. 

She believes that as a woman she feels a special bond with nature. Everything originated from the earth and after fulfilling their purpose returns to her. She sees a symbiotic relationship here. Women, like nature, nurture and nourish without any condition. Initially, she used to display her work on her Facebook page that caught the attention of some established artists who gave her a headstart. 

Her ideology is reflected in her works and felt deeply through her expression in bright colors. Motifs depicting flowers, wildlife, and women are seen repetitively in her paintings while birds find a special place as her personal favorite. In one of her untitled works, a pair of birds painted in fiery red and warm green are painted against the lifeless grey urban background. The lively birds display the stark contrast against the depressing landscape of the city depicted in a mix of white, grey, and black. These twins captured her with their vibrant and jovial colors on her trip to Costa Rica

The Backdrop Of The Painting
In another of her colorful expressions, a splendid peacock is admiring its resplendent self with a strained neck. Some bold brushstrokes of glowing yellow with a splash of bluish hues give an expression of the presence of a girl forming the backdrop of the painting. Her abstraction named
Flower Vase and Birds, the 3D object is displayed in spectacular linearity. The colors manage to develop a ruse of silhouettes of birds and their streaked wings. The intermixing arrays of grass belonging to savannahs add grace to the beauty of the artwork. 

Her other painting on flower speculates as to what would life be like if you are to become and live the life of a flower. The work christened as “If I were a Flower” is made in a way that gives a kaleidoscopic effect to the vivid imagery. Canvas is dominated by the mixture of purple and magenta, the royal color of Greeks and Turquoise and mustard caresses stand out. The central theme of the abstract artwork is displaying the harmonious relationship of different objects of nature like leaves, flowers, and birds. 

She has her way in abstractions. “Two Women” gives a cooling effect being filled with turquoise. The abstraction depicts the artist and her mother on a train journey relishing the play of light at the time of dusk. One of her works features a silhouette of a woman bedecked in jewelry and that figurine is encompassed by a motherly form depicting the protective character of nature.  One of her paintings shows the contemporary theme. In that, three women are posing in front of a camera. The landscape is filled with trees, birds, and rabbits that accompany the three women on the farm. 

Oil Paintings By Incorporating Technique

Dhivya has experimented with her oil paintings by incorporating a technique known as soot art in four of her works. The background is created by painting a layer of a particular shade. Certain areas are blackened with the help of a candle’s flame and then given shape with a sharp and pointed instrument. She tried this with acrylics but failed to get the desired effect. 

She is not afraid of trying something new that makes her outstanding amongst her peers. Her works carry an enigmatic and charismatic appeal with a promising future that lays ahead. 


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