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Get Back to Your Sports Field After ACL Injury, With ACL Surgery


Did you get hurt while playing your favourite sports on the ground? Are you not able to stand properly? How would you play again? Well, take a break. Your concern is genuine, but only until you visit the top orthopaedic medical practitioner in India.

The doctors in India are highly experienced, and they have helped a lot of people to get back to their favourite field after their injury by fixing the ACL injury. 

The treatment of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Damage is possible with ACL surgery. The players who underwent the treatment under the top orthopaedics in India have reached back to the ground and are performing even better than ever before. 

Also, the ACL Ligament Surgery Cost in India is considerably low. The treatment that costs approximately 20,000 to 50,000 dollars in the US is possible at the price of only USD 3,200 in India.

What are The Benefits of ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

After the ACL Reconstruction Surgery, your knee is in the best possible condition. It has other benefits, including:

  • The proper stabilising of your knee, allowing you to perform all the physical activities
  • It will considerably subside your pain. However, recovery from the illness may take some time depending on the severity of your injury and other factors
  • ACL Reconstruction Surgery is minimally invasive, and thus there are least complications after the surgery
  • Your knee has higher stability, flexibility and therefore, reduced chances of the injury again.

The best part is you can return to your field. You can play all your favourite sports, like rugby, hockey, football, netball or ice skiing. 

Is it Possible to Recover Immediately After the ACL Reconstruction?

The time taken to recover after the ACL Reconstruction Surgery can never be the same for all. The ACL injury can be due to different reasons, and thus, its consequence on each individual is different. 

So, depending on the degree of the damage, age of the patient, overall medical health of the patient and other medical and non-medical factors; recovery time of the patient can vary. 

For quick recovery and avoiding the consequences of the treatment, a patient must:

  • Follow the instructions given by the doctor and the medical team
  • The care is essential even after the discharge from the hospital
  • Keep visiting the doctor on your scheduled time, to keep a check on the improvement of your condition, and also to get rid of complications after the surgery
  • Take all the prescribed medicines on time
  • Physiotherapy is a must for the recommended period
  • Keep your knee in the movement, practise the exercises as guided by your healthcare professional to restore the mobility.

Final Words:

ACL surgery is truly a blessing for the hardcore players who cannot stay off the ground. Patients are planning their treatment in India to receive the successful results of the surgery, and also because the ACL Treatment Cost in India is within the budget of everyone.

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