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Everything You Wanted to Know About Website Cloning

Today, with the help of new innovations, we are making things more convenient and productive for us. Almost each and every aspect of human life has been affected by any of the innovation done by humans. Business practices are not an exception to that. There are a lot of changes which we have made to our way of doing business. The biggest change which we can mention is definitely the advent of online business platforms. Presently, there are many business organizations which have made themselves well established on online platforms along with their physical presence. The most important thing which a business needs to do for operating on an online platform is creating a website. This is done with the help of web designers and the whole process of developing the website is known as website designing. Today, we are going to talk about another trending aspect of website designing, which has made the process of creating the websites much easier and fast-Website cloning. We will also discuss how to clone a website? So, without any delay, let us discuss what website cloning is and what are its benefits.

What is website cloning?

A website cloning can be defined as the process of copying an existing website design and then making necessary modifications in it to create a new website, which will be different from that one whose design has been copied. The changes or modifications are done according to the business requirements of the client. Thus, instead of designing a website from scratch, developers clone a website for your business. This service is provided by many web designers. Even, there are some specialized website cloning companies which provide these services to their clients as a lower-cost website development option. Website cloning is now being adopted by many full-grown companies along with start-ups.

clone a website

How it is done?

Now after knowing about the website cloning the first question that comes into our mind is how to clone a website? Basically, there are two ways of cloning a website- the first one is the script cloning and another one is design cloning.

Scripts are basically files which have some codes written within them. These scripts run behind the internet-oriented tasks and also determines what the internet users will see.  A web designer can copy an existing script and then he can make the appropriate changes in them according to the new website’s requirement.

Design cloning is less complex as compared to script cloning. Usually, there are many website design layouts available to the cloning companies and by copying a particular design layout necessary changes can be made to it to create a new website. All the information and graphics can be replaced by the designers with the new content. The amazing thing is that the appearance and functionality of the website remains the same. Thus, a client can use the appearance of a website of his choice, in his own website. The client gets to choose from the hundreds of design layout options available to the companies indulged in such services.

Thus, you can clearly see how website cloning has changed the world of website designing completely.

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