Difference between Evisitor Visa 651 and Eta 601 Visa



Visitor Visa Subclass 651 and Visitor Visa 601

Visitor Subclass 651Visa can be used by people willing to visit Australia for business or for personal visits to friends, family, etc. This visa is also useful to those traveling to Australia for a holiday, that could even be on a cruise, train, etc. Apart from this, one can even go to Australia for a maximum of 3 months to study or undergo training.  The stay, however, cannot be over 3 months straight, for 12 months. The visa costs nothing and can be given to anyone with a valid passport belonging to countries that are eligible for this visa. It has to be applied from outside Australia and is valid for 12 months from the date of issuance.

The ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) subclass 601 allows a person to come to Australia for a maximum of 3 months on a business visitor on tour. You are also eligible to study under some circumstances for a maximum of 3 months. During 12 months which is the duration of this visa’s validity, one can enter Australia as many times as they want, but only for 3 months at a time. This visa is also free, but it needs to be applied online by paying AUD20 as a service charge. You can contact the Migration Agent Perth experts for understanding the requirements for this visa.

Visitor visa 651 for staying in Australia

  • This visa is not permanent and is granted only for 12 months. Entering into Australia is allowed for a maximum of three months at any given time during this period
  • One can enter multiple times as per the visa which means that entering and leaving Australia is not restricted during the visa validity
  • It is not possible to get an extension on this visa. A new application would be required for a more extended stay.

ETA Subclass 601 for staying in Australia

  • This visa is a temporary one and is granted for 12 months or until the validity of your passport, whichever expires earlier
  • One can enter the country multiple times as per this visa and stay up to 3 months every time they enter Australia
  • In case there is no substantive visa in force during this time, then the subclass 601would allows you to begin your stay on the date of its issuance
  • It is not possible to get an extension on this visa. A new application would be required for a more extended stay via various other permits available for tourists as well

Visa cost and time is taken for processing

  • The Visitor subclass 651costs nothing and must be applied to another country. A person who receives this visa should make their travel plans only after getting it in the form of writing from Australian authorities. A person applying for this visa should not be present in Australia even during the processing of their application. This visa can be processed over one day but could take longer if there is insufficient, incorrect or missing information/documentation
  • The Evisitor Subclass 601 visa also doesn’t cost anything, however at the time of applying online, one has to pay a service charge of AUD20. One must remain outside Australia at the time of application and also when they receive the visa. The time taken to process this visa is not definite or known. However, the time taken to treat it may get extended due to incorrect or insufficient information/documentation.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • The person applying for a Visitor Visa 651 as well as Visa 601 must be doing so intending to visit Australia for a definite period only. They must adhere to the conditions of the visa without any exceptions. A person must have sufficient funds to support themselves during the stay and also for leaving the country once the validity of their visit to Australia ends. An applicant for this visa must belong to one of the countries eligible for this particular visa. The applicant needs to be covered by health insurance so that any emergency medical treatments would be under their own purview and such cost would have to be taken up by them.


All visitor visa applicants must adhere to all laws and conditions based on their visas. The VEVO or Visa Grant Verification Online can be referred to for understanding those conditions. If one is applying for a Visa 600 after they have had a working holiday visa, they would be charged higher for their application. Before traveling to Australia, it is essential to have a valid passport for entering the country and also a visa that is valid at that time. Visa Consultant Perth can provide experts to guide you through the processing of your tourist visa.

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