Decoration Ideas for a Wedding – Be it Home or Hall


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The wedding day is the most important day in a person’s life. So it is obvious that it should look great and beautiful. It sure is a stressful job for you should make sure that everything is perfectly planned and arranged.

If you are given the responsibility of decorations for the wedding day, then start the preparation a month in advance. Whether it is home or hall, you should make sure that it looks beautiful and at the same time, the guests should be comfortable too.

If you are getting married in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, you have chosen the best place on earth. The marriage halls in Chennai are amazing not only in terms of decoration but also in service and hospitality. It has big spaces for everyone, play area for kids, lawn for chit chats and a stunning stage for the special couples.

Here are some of the guidelines to consider for the decoration plan.

Starting the Wedding Decoration Plan

Once the place has been finalized for the wedding, start with the plan immediately. Add a little fun and experiment with the wedding décor. It sure will come out beautiful. Ditch out the age-old boring décor and go for the trendy décor. If choosing the décor becomes beautiful, try out to suit the bride and the groom’s styles. 

Before randomly selecting any place, make sure you select the right venue and location. Choose according to your guest size. Also when planning the décor, look out for the venue size and also keep in mind the decoration based on the time of day will it be hosted. If the wedding is hosted in a larger venue, the decoration should suit accordingly and it should also be proportionate. The décor plays an important role in the part of the day. A night time wedding demands more décor in lightings and it should be bright too. A day demands less lighting.

Decide on the theme of the wedding. It will make your work simple and easy. But if you face problems with your budget, worry not. You still can create amazing wedding décor. Read on more to know how.

  •         Use the decoration of the venue – You can always ask the place for few decoration items. They sure have something for their guests. If not, you can get it from your homes as well and save money on decorations.
  •         Candles for Flowers – Flower arrangements are very costly. It sure looks very beautiful and pleasing, but one will have to be lip-tied if money comes in the way for décor. You always have an alternative for these beautiful items. You can opt for candles with a single flower. It will look simple but will look amazing as well. Or you can also arrange the candles in the entrance or in the stage corners to give those shiny look.
  •         Potted Plants – Potted plants are very much in trends. If you have seen the royal wedding, they beautifully arranged big potted plants and gave an English garden look. You too can recreate that look. Potted plants are cheap and they are easily available. Also, you can borrow from your friends and family too.
  •         Buy lots of Tulle – There are many things one can experiment with tulle. A canopy effect can be created or you can drape it from the corner of the stage or alters. You can also make bows and put on the chairs rows or the pews.

The interiors of the wedding halls can be experimented and decorated. But when it comes to outdoor, it becomes a little difficult.

  •         Be prepared for any change in the outdoor wedding. It can rain suddenly or sudden windstorms or anything related may take place. Be prepared with a plan B.
  •         Outdoor insects are one of the most common problems. Make sure the whole place is clean and free from insects and bugs so that it does not create any trouble during the wedding process. Make sure to disinfect the whole place at least twice.
  •         When it comes to an outdoor wedding, the stage should be highly dramatically decorated. It should not be simple and also the stage should stand out from the rest of the place.



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