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Building Inside Sales Process

The corporate industry has progressed so far that their face may not be the same as the previous version.

 If you and your team fail to follow, you are at risk of being left behind. Given the demands of the modern sales environment, even experienced salespeople who have been in business for decades need new skills, training, tools and new ways of thinking to develop this.

Inside Sales Process are frequently the most versatile of all business models to be actualized. Once in awhile erroneously called Telesales, Inside Sales infers the vast majority of its quality from huge volume business opportunity

A run of the mill inside sales model includes gatherings of youthful sales experts who work from Headquarters or territorial workplaces and principally use the phone, email and web instruments to run and win sales battles. 

Streaming of Leads originates from showcasing; enter inside sales process and procedure and follow them quickly.

A run of the mill sales cycle would be three months to six months (seldom over a half year). By and large, inside sales centralized on less expensive items (or littler item bundles) and leave increasingly costly offers to an outer sales group. 

Not all Products are reasonable for inside sales. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you do the investigation also to the business channel, the correct choice is made all the more often.

Here is it is a typical inside sales process

  1. Lead generated using different lead generation process
  2. Cold Email Campaigns on the leads generated
  3. Emails and phone interactions to arouse interest.
  4. Pass the baton on to the account manager
  5. An account manager who makes online calls, displays and shares marketing promotional material to convince the baton.,
  6. Sending the proposal to the prospects
  7. Closing the deals and collecting the payments via different alternatives

To create an inside sales process, I believe it is important to identify some of the challenges or Prerequisites that are required to create an inside sales team.

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The sales rep must identify them in order to get an overview of the situation.

The following points can be helpful when creating an inside sales Process

  • Hire salespeople who like to sell and interact with people

It doesn’t matter whether your team is qualified or not, whether experienced or inexperienced, it is important to have people on your team who can identify the people (customer psychology) and love to sell.

A great salesperson is passionate about selling. He/she not only likes it but he/she loves it.
So don’t settle for someone who doesn’t like sales. 

Mike Wicks, President of Blue Beetle Creative Media, said: “Ultimately, you have to hire a proven seller or someone who really loves going out and meeting and selling people. The people of the latter category exist; you may need to train them, but they are out there. “

  • Make the most of technological tools

The current commercial industry has become very competitive and has become a war zone where every company tries to be the best. 

Sometimes it’s a kind of dog-eating-dog survival. To be competitive, sales reps need to match-up with the demand for the current sales industry and accept change.

As technology advances, sales automation applications come that can eliminate many important manual tasks, but consume a lot of time and valuable time for sales.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): 

The center of most sales systems is CRM, the main data store for the sales team and for other services in the organization. 

This is critical to collecting, documenting, storing and managing data of all Potential prospects and potential customer interactions. 

Some notable CRMs would be Salesforce and Hubspot.

Sales acceleration tools:

 Sales acceleration tools can help sales teams identify qualified prospects, build relationships, and increase sales productivity. 

Today, a demonstration can be conducted through an online demonstration or a video conference, eliminating the traditional way of selling cocktails and dinners.

 These tools give sales reps access to extremely useful customer information and can speed up the sales process, giving them more time to make real sales and do more business. Some acceleration tools a team should have are:


When using game techniques and competitions, led to increases productivity between the teams. 

Sales rankings and performance-based competitions have become popular methods of promoting healthier competition while providing an opportunity to assess the overall sales position of the entire team. Gamification tools that deserve your attention include Ambition and Hoopla.

CRM integration:

Although CRM is the operations center of a sales team and contains all customer data, it cannot and should not be the only software. 

Since everything is in accelerated mode, each sales team must use CRM integrations for the tools to work at their best. 

These tools include the integration of computer telephony or CTI, which connects the CRM and the telephone system to control the way in which calls are made, received and recorded.

 An example of CTI is Tenfold, which is natively integrated with CRM such as Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and telephone systems such as Avaya, Asterisk, Cisco, ShoreTel, Genesys, and Broadsoft, to name just a few, which increases the efficiency of sales reps by displaying all the prospects information during a call in a single floating window.


Best Call Center

It also has its own call analysis, which enables sales professionals to identify the area of ​​the sales process that is “weakening” so that they can easily find appropriate solutions.

3. Setting up the goals

Regardless of whether your organization is strong, the products you offer are reliable, or you have the best technological tools, it all starts with setting a goal and drawing up a plan. 

When you set your goals, you need to figure out which ones are the most important. Then plan your goals, including each goal and task, to guide you in achieving those goals. When defining your goals, it is important to identify them and then monitor your business success.

Author Bio 

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