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Best Tips for Those Who Travel Extensively for Work

Travelling presents unique experiences that offer a glimpse into new destinations, cultures and perspectives. In the words of famous psychiatrist and author Ralph Crawshaw, “Travel has a way of stretching the mind.” While the benefits of travel cannot be denied, its frequency can take a toll. Frequent travel can be exhausting and stressful, especially if it is work related. 

Work trips, a crucial part of one’s job in today’s connected world, can be more fruitful and enjoyable if one keeps certain things in mind, like checking the weather, doing a quick mobile recharge and carrying a travel medical kit. Here are some more useful tips for those who travel frequently.

Making the Most of Your Work Trips


Just like any project, a work trip requires good planning. This involves planning the complete schedule, keeping in mind the people to be met and their location. Thanks to maps being so readily available on our smartphones, we can check the distance, route and time for travel in advance and plan the schedule accordingly. Of course, remember that all-important mobile recharge, so you can continue using maps when visiting an unfamiliar city.  Also, do remember to account for mealtimes.

In case there’s sufficient time between meetings, you may want to plan some sightseeing or shopping.

Choosing the Right Hotel

Business travel can be tiring, both physically and mentally. So, choose a clean and comfortable hotel that allows you to unwind and relax adequately at the end of the day. Afterall, sound and adequate sleep can do wonders for your performance or efficiency the next morning.

While booking a hotel that is in the center of the city or close to one’s business area is preferable, it is best to check its ratings and reviews as well as the facilities and services.

The choice and location of the hotel could also depend on your arrival time in the city. If you have a late-night flight, select a hotel that’s near the airport. This will help save time and ensure that you’re fresh before the first meeting.

Car Rentals

Yes, it’s become so much easier to book cabs. While this may be true for the metros, other cities or towns in the country will probably not have the same level of service. Waiting for cabs to arrive can eat into your free time or delay you for the next meeting. Consider checking car rentals online for good deals, as this may add a lot of convenience to your daily commute.

Phone Accessories

We’re so dependent on our smartphones that we spend more than 3 hours a day on it. The time increases dramatically when you’re traveling. You’d be using your phone to navigate to the meeting, checking emails, coordinating with your team, staying in touch with people at home and even for entertainment. So, remember to carry your phone charger, earphones and power bank as well as doing an online mobile recharge so you don’t run out of balance.

Choosing the Right Mobile Plan

Another important trip for frequent travelers is to choose an appropriate mobile plan that allows you to stay connected with family and business associates through your trip. Of course, you need the roaming facility. Choose from a variety of mobile recharge plans that offer unlimited talk time, adequate daily data and enough validity to cover your travel period. Select an operator that is known for good connectivity across the country. 

Don’t Compromise on the Quality of Your Luggage

Frequent business travel demands good quality luggage that won’t give away even if it is thrown around by the airlines. Also, you might want to choose travel bags with adequate pockets or sections for organizing your packing.

Packing the Right Clothes and Accessories 

Business meetings require you to carry formal clothes. In case you plan to go sightseeing or will be spending time at your hotel, remember to carry enough casuals. Check weather conditions to know whether to pack a light jacket or an umbrella. Also, make a list of toiletries or other essentials that you need to carry. Having said that, it’s best to avoid packing too many things, as this will make your baggage heavier and not well organized. 

Keep Necessary Medicines

Hectic schedules and continued traveling from one meeting to another can lead to headaches. Similarly, outside and heavy food can result in stomach related problems. So, it’s a good idea to keep some medicines handy in your bag. This is in addition to the regular medicines for blood pressure or sugar or any other drugs that may have been prescribed for you.

Do the Right Thing!

Your schedule may be busy but avoid skipping breakfast or your daily exercise routine. Also, ensure you eat right at hygienic restaurants. Your colleagues who have travelled earlier or a local contact may give you good suggestions.Apart from these tips, it’s a great idea to keep a copy of your important documents in a safe place. You may already have a digital copy of your flight ticket and hotel reservation. Take pics of your Aadhar card and credit card to store on your phone. Most importantly, ensure that your phone has good battery life and you’ve recently done a mobile recharge.

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