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An Overview About Nail Fungus

Nail fungus emerges as a yellow or white spot beneath your toenail. Once the fungal infection goes profound, the nail fungus tends to taper off in colour. This can have an impact on all the nails. If the nail infection is mild and is not troubling you, then you are not going to need any treatment. But if it is itching and causing hard nails, then self – care tips have to be taken. Pretty much on the lines of antifungal cream for a mouth, a host of creams are available in the market. But sadly even if the nail treatment is ok there is a possibility that the infection could return back.

Experts are of the view that some of the causes of nail infections are as follows

  •  Spotting shoes that make you sweaty and makes you feel hot
  • If you are unable to keep your feet dry
  • If you wear in barefoot over showers, swimming pools it can lead to a possibility of infections
  • If an individual has already an athlete’s foot there is a possibility that the infection could spread over to the nails.


Any nail that is affected with fungus is usually brittle, dull or yellow in colour. There could also be a white or yellow tweaking and the marks might spread over to the base of the nail. The infections could spread over to the nails or toes and may emit a foul odour. Another type of symptom that could emerge is redness or rashes in the region that is affected by the virus. They are pretty much like an allergic reaction.

lip infection cream

The best way to treat anti-fungal infections is over the counter medicines as they tend to provide you with viable results. Even the doctor could suggest you with an oral anti-fungal medication. There could be even topical medicines that can be prescribed by the doctor. The type of treatment would depend upon the type of infection and how severe it has been. For effective results to emerge you have to use these medicines for several months. Sometimes the nail has to be separated so that a new one emerges in that region. An example of such creams is a lip infection cream.

How you can prevent fungal infections

In order to prevent nail fungus, you can stick to the below tips

  • You need to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly. After touching an infected nail clean your hand. After washing dampen your nails
  • You need to trim your nails straight across and after use sterilize the nail clippers
  • You need to change your sweat-absorbing socks several times during a day
  • Opt for shoes that are breathable
  • If anyone in your family has nail fungus do not use the same towel. This is going to make the infection spread quickly.
  • In the pool areas wear footwear
  • The nails should be trimmed

Fungal infection is a curable disorder if the right form of treatment is given at the correct time. You need to have a regular check on your toes and in case if you find yellow spots then consult your doctor on an immediate basis.

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