6 Reasons Why WordPress Is The Best Blogging Platform Ever



WordPress came into existence in 2003 because its creators Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little needed a blogging software. Until then, they were using a product called b2/cafelog but its creators had stopped supporting it. This forced Matt and Mike to build WordPress on top of the b2/cafelog platform. What started as a simple blogging tool is now the world’s most popular web building solution. However, this does not mean that the CMS is not a favorite of bloggers anymore. In fact, it can be said that WordPress is the best blogging platform ever. Here are some compelling reasons to support our claim.

1. Easy To Add And Edit Content

The biggest requirement of any blogger is to have a platform that makes it easy to post content. WordPress allows users to effortlessly add and edit their posts. There is no need to input any code for composing and formatting a write-up. Everything can be easily done through the in-built editor that can be accessed through the admin dashboard. It has all the features of any standard text editing tool and allows users to intuitively format their content. Bloggers enjoy full control over the publishing of their material. They can set the schedule well in advance and the posts will be automatically uploaded on the defined date and time.

2. Effortless And Quick Blog Creation 

Creating a WordPress blog is an effortless task. All you need to do is to choose a hosting plan and domain name followed by installing the CMS. Installation is also not a complex technical job and most hosting companies offer the facility to install WordPress in just a single click. Then you need to choose a suitable theme and your blog is ready. Modifying the template, like most other things in the open-source platform, does not require any coding input. You can make all the changes by tweaking the controls in an in-built customizer. Since there is minimal to no programming involved, starting a blog on the CMS can be done quickly. 

3. Wide And Varied Range Of Themes

The open-source platform offers you readymade themes to create your website. However, do you know that all these templates are divided into various categories? This means that you can easily find a layout that has been created specifically for your industry or interest. Let’s say you are a tech blogger. Then you can search for tech blog themes and you are bound to find numerous options. Similarly, blog owners in other fields can find templates that are built for their category. According to an estimate, there are over 30,000 themes available to WordPress users. This wide variety of themes is not available on any other platform.

4. Enables Users To Easily Add New Features

A website or blog is an ever-evolving entity that must be modified according to changing requirements. When a blog starts to grow, the owner would want to add new features for increasing user engagement. Another strong reason why WordPress is the best blogging platform is that integrating new functionality in a WordPress interface can be done easily through plugins. These are pre-built tools that add a specific feature to your interface. You only need to find a suitable option to fulfill your requirements and add it to your blog through the dashboard. On most other platforms, the same task will need the services of a professional programmer. 

5. Helps In The Creation Of A Search Engine-friendly Blog 

Search engine optimization is mandatory for all blogs and websites. In the absence of an SEO strategy, your blog will never get in front of relevant audiences. WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform with some handy features. You can create efficient URLs for your posts through the editor so that search engines understand the nature of your content. Then you can install an SEO plugin like Yoast that will help you in optimizing vital on-page elements like titles and meta descriptions. These tools also help in optimizing the content of a post for specific keywords. SEO will help your blog appear prominently in relevant searches and increase its traffic.

6. Availability Of Multiple Support Resources 

Another strong reason for the open-source CMS being the ideal blogging platform is that users can access multiple support resources. You do not need to approach a professional for help every time a problem arises. The large user base has helped in the growth of a strong community that comprises of experts and enthusiasts. These people share their knowledge through blogs, websites, forums, and other platforms. The official website of WordPress is also a good place to find helpful information. You can find tutorials, guides, e-books, and other materials in the text and video formats. This means that you can always hope to find assistance for resolving an issue.


WordPress is the best blogging platform available to users today. The innumerable benefits offered by the CMS are unmatched and its user-friendly features make it the most convenient tool that anyone can use to start a blog.

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