5 Ideas to Get Deliver Wedding Cake at Your Home in Cheap Price!



Wedding is one of the best days of your life. On this day, the two persons getting married start their new journey to a new life. Vows they take and ceremonies they agree to make them bind themselves into a stronger bond of eternal love. But, this is a happy ceremony for the people related to their life as well. And to celebrate such amazing moments in life, they prepare for wedding ceremonies. Any such happy celebration is incomplete without a delicacy called cake. Now, as this is a huge occasion and many people are to attend, it is impossible to bake the wedding cake for your beloved, on the ceremony day even if you want to. SO, the best way is to order the cake from the online sites. And also as there are too many weddings in the wedding season, the price also gets very high.

Here are 5 best ideas to get your wedding cake delivered to your home in reasonable price.

1) Order a small display cake

It is best to order a small display cake of one or maximum two tier to cut the cake and celebrate the ceremony. Because the wedding cake has to be very special and precious! For the rest of the invitees, it is best to order your favorite bakery to provide sheet cakes. This idea will save your 20% spending for each slice of the cake. There will be the couple’s favorite cake no matter how costly it is. But if you balance the amount with the serving cakes to the guests, then it will be no problem to go for a costly bride-groom cake for your beloved’s wedding. You can order cake online for your wedding from the best gift portal in cheap price to make it memorable.

2) Serve Smaller Portions

As wedding is one of the biggest ceremonies in life. Huge number of people gets invitation to the ceremony. Hence, the quality matters, but not the quantity. It is wise to choose to serve smaller pieces of cakes to the guest for the wedding purpose. They all can understand that it is not the size but the taste matters. Besides, there are many other delicious dishes to taste for your beloved guests. So it is important to keep the craving alive to taste everything in the party.

3) Adding Real Flowers

Ordering floral flavor cake is way too costly than any other cake. But similarly, having a cake of one flavor with the desired edible flowers spread on them will bring the same taste of the previous. However, the cost of the second choice of cake will be almost half the cost of the floral flavor cake. The sugar flowers are way too sugary than the real flowers. SO, you are not at all compromising with the taste, but just reducing the cost in a thoughtful way to keep the essence of the wedding same. You can order flowers online in very reasonable price.

4) Simple Dress it Up!

Well, in the high season of weddings, the harsh truth is the more you go for the decoration and topping of your cake, the quicker will the hike of its price. It is just a cake! And for food items, it is the taste that matters over the look. SO, it is better to go for a better taste cake than a better looking one. Hand painting, gold plating, sugar flowers- the extras and intricate details can be done on any other ceremonies but not best for wedding. A simple wedding cake is way more elegant than the decorative one’s. Remember it’s always the taste that makes the cake better than the look.

5) Go naked

A simple naked tasty cake with the couple’s name on it will be a better choice than any other. Naked cakes are without outer frosting. It is one of the recent trends that have come to the wedding ceremonies. Now-a-days traditional butter-cream cakes are the best naked affordable wedding cakes available in the online cake shops.

Cakes are no doubt one of the best things to celebrate the wedding. Above are the best ways to choose cheapest cakes to celebrate the wedding of your beloved persons.

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