A Color I Have Never Before Seen

A Color I Have Never Before Seen

But just as it is written, “Things that no eye has seen, or ear heard, or mind imagined, are the things God has prepared for those who love him.” God has revealed these to us by the Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. -1 Corinthians 2:9-10, NET

We sailed far into the Atlantic, beyond any sign of land. We sailed through the night and through the day. There was nothing but sea.

Sea, and color. I stared at the ocean, speechless. I took my sunglasses off and then put them on again. Maybe it was a trick of my UV lenses. No, what I beheld was real. The gentle, rippling water was a color I had never before imagined. I searched my mind for a name, and there was none. This was a color I had simply never beheld anywhere.

The vast depths of the sea created a blue that could not be sufficiently described with any word crafted by man.

A longing for the deeps has been rising in my soul as of late. A desire to sail through the night and through the day with my Lord, away from the land that busies me and anchors me, into the sea of His Word. Immeasurable in its depths, indescribable in its beauty.

The Word of God has depths we have not yet seen. It has colors which no word crafted by man can adequately describe. That is where I want to go, deeper into His truth.

I know as I do, the Captain will sail me to safe harbor, to the exact destination He has mapped and calculated for my journey. I am not the Captain of my life. As for me, I will stand at starboard and worship as I gaze into the depths of a color I cannot name.

Join me?

Lord, your creation testifies of your glory. Like the color of the sea I had never seen, take me deeper into your Word, to behold truth I have never imagined. And I will worship you, my magnificent Lord. Amen.

Danetta Kellar About Danetta Kellar

Danetta Kellar is a writer and speaker. Her interesting life has taken her around the globe, where she has had the privilege to witness firsthand the transformation of women from all walks of life and culture as they exchange lies for the Truth found in Christ. Her writing flows out of this rich experience and her own continual search for treasures in life’s darkness. Connect with Danetta online on her blog, Facebook, or Twitter.


  1. I am imagining this beautiful color you saw and know it was exquisite. When we come thirsty, He does fill us, doesn’t He?


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