My Favorite Picture of My Father and Me

My Favorite Picture of My Father and Me

…the beloved of the Lord will live safely by Him; He protects him all the time, and the Lord places him on his chest. -Deuteronomy 33:12, NET

I sat upright, my book crashing to the floor beside the bed. That sounds like a train. And it is coming for our house. I leapt to the window and looked into the night. In the not-so-distant distance, I could see a whirlwind gaining momentum, spinning with trashcans, tree branches, and window screens. My husband raced to my sleeping daughter’s room and scooped her up in his arms while I gathered the boys. We ran to the bathroom and squeezed together as a small tornado swept past our home.

The image of the five of us huddled in that small space is clear in my memory.

But more powerful in my mind’s eye than our trembling, pajama-clad cluster is the image of my small daughter, asleep on the strong chest of her father as the air seemed to grow still while the roof shook. My heart took a photograph of that moment, and it has stayed with me since.

My favorite picture of my Father God and me is much like that forever-etched memory. Myself, beloved. No doubt in me about that. My Father, powerful and gentle. I am completely at rest, safe and unconcerned in His strong arms. Protected, secure. Asleep upon His chest without fear of harm or exploitation. Not even a storm can disturb my trust.

Age does not wane the longing in each of us for this safe resting place with our Father. I believe if we have not had that with an earthly father, the desire for such love and safety, refuge and trust, grows deeper as we grow older.

It is not too late this Father’s Day for you and I to climb into His arms. You and I are beloved. No doubt about that. We can be completely at rest, safe and without concern in His strong arms. Protected, secure. So deeply secure we sleep though the air grows still and the roof shakes with the storm outside.

Happy Father’s Day, dear reader.

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