Comparing Yourself with Others

Comparing Yourself with Others

I recently read an email from someone else entitled “10 Good Things That Happen When You Compare Yourself to Someone Else”


Short list, right? And yet that is something that I’m struggling with right now.

Not naming names, but one author got a spot I wanted in a book collection. She is an established author with over forty books published. I felt bad for me, envious of her, especially when she gets contracts handed to her without seeming to try. “I was approached to write…”

And then there is an Indie author, who tried for years to land an agent or editor and get a contract. She wisely decided to go it alone, outsold many traditionally published authors and landed a movie contract. Wow.

Envy. Green-eyed monster alert. I’m definitely comparing myself to others here. And falling fall short. Why am I even trying? I’m not good enough! (insert fake crying sounds)

he qualifies the called

But God didn’t call me based on my merits. He saw a broken individual who promised her life to Him to serve as He wills. Not as I will. As He wills. And even though I’m not getting movie contracts (which I really don’t want anyway) or getting contracts handed to me without much effort, I am serving Him the way He called me.

Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will: Philippians 1:15

I don’t want to be the one writing and telling of God’s mercy and grace with envy in my heart. I want to do it with gladness. With joy that He called me.

Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing. Psalm 100:2


This is a lesson I’m learning. Not to compare myself with others. To be the writer God called me to be. To be faithful with what He’s given me, and not hiding the talents He blessed me with somewhere they’d be “safe.”

Are you following the Lord and using the talents He gave you to serve Him? Or are you hiding your gifts because you aren’t as good as someone else?

Lord, help me not to compare myself with others. Help me to follow You without question, without looking at what others are doing, and serve You the way You want me to. Amen



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  1. Carol Written says:

    I have to repeat these words often – “It’s not about me.” To suppose we will not feel envy over another’s success is unrealistic. What we must guard against is allowing such feelings to set up housekeeping. Acknowledge them – yes, but then hand them over to God. As often as the feelings surface, hand them off to God. It sounds simple in the telling, but is oh so difficult in the doing. I’ll be praying for God to take away those things that hamper your walk with Him.


  2. I love your honesty. I believe that’s something most of us struggle with whether we’re a writer or not. And something to make you smile–I consider you one of the “successful” writers that I “know.”


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