10 promotional items that can boost your marketing campaign



If you are a business owner then you must be aware of how much marketing campaigns help in promoting the business. If every strategy is taken seriously and done right, the marketing campaign turns out to be a great success. This includes everything from online marketing, like sending emails, to offline marketing, like giving away promotional pens and t-shirts.

If you are looking for the best promotional items that can help you boost your marketing campaign, then you are in the right place. This article will explain to you the best 10 items that are great for promotions and will help boost your marketing campaign.

Various Promotional Strategies

If your company is not known to people, they are less likely to buy any product or service that you offer. Therefore, a great promotional strategy is prominent in order to boost your business.

Following are some promotional strategies that companies use in order to market their businesses:

  •     Mail order marketing
  •     Social media promotion
  •     Customer referral incentive program
  •     End-cap marketing and Point-of-sale promotion
  •     Product samples and giveaways
  •     Contests as a promotional strategy
  •     Customer appreciation events
  •     Branded promotional gifts
  •     Charity and causes
  •     After-sale customer surveys

A study conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association on 15,000 participants revealed that:

  • The ROI on promotional products delivered a better ROI than commercial advertising like radio, and is equal to print and TV
  • 66% of participants recalled the brand after 12 months of receiving the promotional product
  • 79% of participants are likely to repeat business with the company again
  • 87% of the participants kept a promotional item for more than a year

Following is a list of 10 such promotional items:

#1: Product Samples

When it comes to promoting a business, one of the best ways is to provide your customers, even the mail recipients, with the product samples. After all, a business is about selling products and services to the customers and, in this way, you can provide your potential customers with a taste of what you do. These samples may include, for instance, a small tester or a bottle of perfume of the latest fragrance that you have, in case you sell perfumes.

#2: Promotional Pens

Pens remain useful to the people, regardless of which field they are in. Therefore, selling promotional pens, through direct mail, which contain your company’s URL, phone number and logo, is one of the best ways to attract customers.

#3: Calendars

Calendars, like pens, are one of the most useful items an individual can keep at home. Providing your customers with calendars would be a great idea since they will not have to buy one themselves.

You may add your company’s logo, branding colours and website to the calendar. This way, whenever your customer will look at it, they will be reminded of your company.

#4: Seasonal Items

While mailing promotional gifts, it would be amazing if you ensure that they are of immediate use to the person who receives it. For instance, if you are sending fridge magnets around the Christmas holidays, think about themes that fit the holiday well.

#5: Food

A special way of promoting is by using food as a promotional item. Ensure that the item is not perishable or too fragile. Wrap the item properly and mention your company’s logo and the ingredients used.

#6: USB

Do not skip this point due to the costs of USB (Universal Serial Bus) flash drives. In fact, these are inexpensive products (approx. 3GBP per piece). Moreover, they are most likely to impress the people who receive these. You can simply print the logo of your company on the drive with the details you wish to add.

The USB may contain a PDF of your company’s brochure, a video about your products or simply a presentation that makes use of visuals. This will help in promoting the brand more as compared to other items since whenever the individual plugs in the USB, they will first be introduced to these.

#7: Microfiber Products

Microfiber products like cleaning cloths are extremely useful for wiping sunglasses, glass surfaces and even electronic devices. These products will bring a smile to the receiver’s face due to their valuable nature. Moreover, whenever they use the cloth, they will see your brand’s logo and name on it.

#8: Utilisation of Stamps

When a letter is sent to masses, it becomes obvious to the receiver. Therefore, try using different stamps and fonts that look like they are hand-written so that the individual thinks of it as a personal letter in the first glance. This will increase the chances of the letter being opened.

#9: A Mouse Pad

In the era of the internet, almost everybody has computers in their homes. This is what makes a mousepad valuable and essential. For most companies, this item is considered as one of the best promotional items due to its costs and use. Moreover, designing the logo, URL and contact information according to the item is also simpler due to the flat surface.

#10: Water Bottle that Contains Snap Lid

With increasing awareness about our environment, people have started switching to eco-friendly items. This makes a transparent water bottle with snap lid a precious and useful promotional product. The reusable drinkware can contain the logo of your brand and other details.

Moreover, since people are likely to carry the product outside their homes, this product may also promote the company to other people also.


With various strategies to market the business, it has become easier to make people aware of the brand and the services and products that are offered. Moreover, a combination of these strategies, both online and offline, boost the marketing campaigns, making the business more popular. Sourcing promotional items for marketing your business is easy. There are suppliers both online and offline who can customise promotional items such as pens, calendars, diaries, etc. with your logo and other important information about your business.

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